Thursday, July 18, 2019

Goodbye Big Bertha/The Ugly Recliner

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture even though you thought it was ugly? 
That is what happened with my recliner.
I realize there are some that aren't ugly but recliners, by and large, are not the most attractive pieces of furniture. 
Last summer, I was experiencing horrible shoulder pain.
 I eventually went to physical therapy but the pain was unbearable enough that I needed a recliner. STAT. 
We went to Lazy Boy. I'd hoped that they would have a cute shabby farmhouse recliner.
They did not. 
Anything cute in a light, non-patterned neutral fabric took weeks to make. 
6 - 12 weeks was not going to work. 
I picked out the lesser of all evils. I do not like sitting on leather so a leather recliner was out of the question for me. 

The most comfortable chair in the store was the Rowan Power Recliner. I could have taken a nap in it on the spot. 
It read a gray in the store but the sales lady said it was brown. I'd hoped that it would read gray here at my house. It did not. 

As soon as they brought it in, I realized that I couldn't put it where I wanted to because of the cord. 
It was supposed to face the T.V. with the back toward the door and entryway. 
The cord showed. There was no way to move the cord or cover it up. 

This is really something that the salesperson needed to point out because we easily could have gotten the same chair in manual instead of power. 
It was supposed to sit where the black chair is sitting in the above picture. 
Instead it ended up next to the fireplace instead. 

I noticed that the back cushion was a little off and some of the cording looked a little strange. Almost like it was going to fray and the plastic piping was going to show. 
I'm not a returner. I probably could have refused this one and gotten another one but another one could have other issues.
The chair has been moved around to the other three possible corners in the room.

If you have been following, you know that last week we had all the tile removed. 
We are currently living without floors until we pick out and begin laying down hard wood. 
The room is put back together but in order to escape the concrete floor confusion, I moved the chair out to the sunroom. 
The chair fits perfectly in the corner since I moved the dish dresser out to the entryway. 

This is a cozy spot since Bill's daytime chair is in the opposite corner. 

I thought about getting a slipcover for my recliner so it blended better in the sunroom. 
There are some that are pre-made but they are very cheesy. 
I accidentally shrunk my living room curtains last week so that fabric was used to make the cover for it. 

The fabric is white which is a shock to no one. 
The original upholstery it still underneath but this cover is stapled onto the chair. 

There are some tricky spots to cover because they show when the chair is reclined. 
I took my time with the arms to get them to fit well. 
The back was cinched in a little to make it appear smaller than it is. 

The gallery wall behind it was created with stuff we already had. 

It took about three hours longer to make than I thought it would. 
That seems to be my theme this week. 

I'd named her Big Bertha but that name doesn't seem to fit anymore.
 It's a little more me now and it's a great spot for napping. 
I'll be back soon. 
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  2. Katie, I think this was a miraculous transformation! You deserved a comfy chair when your shoulder was a problem, rest and stress relief is critical with a health issue. Too bad they don't do cute shabby recliners, but yours looks great!

  3. Katie I saw this on Instagram. Always visit the blogs I say. You get the full picture. It turned out great and works with your other pieces now. I think she deserves another name.

    Enjoy taking time to relax in her now with good thoughts


  4. A jolly good save, Katie! It's much improved and your home looks lovely.

    I hope you get a good break after all this -- what a drain, especially in the summer with all that work. I know it will pay off but yikes! Thinking of you!

  5. *** I deleted my previous post because my chemo-fog brain affected the writing of it....sooo here we go again:

    Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while...but have not commented till now...I love, love, LOVE what you have done to this chair! Would you be able to show all the steps to achieve this beautiful transformation!!!!

  6. Hurray! I remembered that you did NOT like this chair in the room even though it is pretty comfortable. I really like your slipcover and what a great idea!!! Yeah!

    Enjoy your new Beautiful Bette,
    Barb :)