Monday, August 12, 2019

A Vintage Inspired Pantry Makeover

Usually, my projects have a back story. This one is no exception. I hope you like these stories. I guess you must because you keep stopping by to see what I'm up to. 

If you have been with me the last few months, you will remember that we found a perfect little house.
We were the back up but in the end our contract was not accepted.
I know I've made that little house on Sunset Drive sound perfect. 
It wasn't. 
It didn't have a designated pantry. 
We would have had to create one out of the storage in the dining room. 

I know that all the house's charming details would have been captivating at first but the lack of pantry would have gotten on my nerves eventually.

Bill and I started making repairs and improvements around here because we thought we might be moving. Those continued even though we are not.
I was actually pretty convinced that we were getting the house. I felt that it was "meant to be".
So much so that until it closed, I felt that it might still happen.
I was wrong on that. It just goes to show that you really can't trust your feelings when it comes to God's will for your life.

A mini pantry makeover was added to my list since we weren't moving.
Our pantry has always been dysfunctional. The first owner of this house was clearly not around when they put the shelves in this closet because none of the shelves are far enough apart to stand up a cereal box. Really?

We added some additional shelves to one of the side walls about five years ago.
We could finally have cereal boxes stand the way they are supposed to.
I spray painted all the canister lids red. I put the red gingham shelf liner in at that time.

 Most of the time the door to the pantry is open. I don't know why but it is.
Bill calls me a pack rat because I have innate ability to stuff things here, there, and everywhere.
Even though this pantry has been overhauled before, it always looked messy.
I wanted it to look vintage-y and cute.

I have a thing for old canisters and tins.
Guess what is in the Campfire Marshmallow tin?
Did I really need to ask?

For this clean up and makeover, I decided to "paper" the walls with some Pioneer Woman shelf liner from Walmart. The red is darling with all the other red.

It took two and half rolls of the 20 inch liner and three rolls of the 12 inch liner.
Each roll is $6.47.
The floral liner is just stapled to the walls.
It is easily removed if need be.

Tuesday Morning, IKEA and Walmart had a few additional jars and tins for this project.

The latest color in the Ball Collectors Edition is a near perfect match to my vintage jars.

You almost can't tell them a part until you put the lids on.

They were about $10.00. 
So cute! 

Bill thought a lot of my labeling was excessive.
He said he never would have known which jar had popcorn if I hadn't labeled it.

I think his sass is excessive.
I'll admit I got a little carried away with the Rae Dunn font.
He thought I said Ray Gun font.
We both need our hearing checked.

The wood flooring comes a week from today. They will begin work on the floor two days after that.
I can't wait.
That is it for now.
How do you like the makeover?
If you like it, share it.

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  1. I love the Pioneer woman liner. My daughter-in-law used this same pattern in a modern hutch in her dining room. It looks adorable with her bright dishes displayed on it.

    I've never had a pantry. I guess we don't miss what we've never had? i used to dream of one but in the past few years I've begun the 'Swedish death cleaning' (ha! look it up, it's a real thing!) & I have an abundance of kitchen cabinets. So I have plenty of room to store what I need.

  2. Love the liner you used. That looks so cute. I love all the old vintage tins you used too. Your pantry door can be open with it looking so pretty and organized. Have a great week Katie.

  3. Well, I think it's just perfect! I love the lids painted red and the labeling!! :) A few years ago I organized mine and labeled all of the baskets that I used to organize it. Hubby teased me a bit too. I think it makes them happy. lol!

  4. I adore your pantry. I don't have one either and nowhere, really, to put it. But I love what you did there and it inspires to me reconsider my cupboards. And I love your labeling!

  5. I LOVE your pantry makeover, Katie! The campfire marshmallow canister and the vintage floral one really caught my eye. Is the red and white check liner paper from Walmart, too?

  6. super cute and fun to see your organizational skills. I have very few. Love all the vintage tins and containers, the jars and lettering. My new pantry has forced me to do better and get rid of a lot of stuff. your paper and liner is perfect for a vintage look pantry!!