Saturday, August 10, 2019

My Five Best Garage Sale Finds/Ten On The Tenth

Welcome to Ten on the 10th where ten (sometimes more/sometimes less) bloggers get together and share ideas for under $10. This month we are all sharing about garage sale finds. A big thank you to Carol from Bluesky At Home for hosting this month. 
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Garage sale-ing was a part of my Friday morning routine for years. 
I love garage sales. 
Over the years, I have found some great stuff - baby stuff, toys, clothes, furniture, rugs, and some darling vintage perfume bottles. 
I went to a lot of garage sales after we bought this house because we needed some furniture to fill it up. 
Here are my top seven garage sale finds. I thought of two more but it was too late to change the title of this post. Think of it as a bonus. We can all use a bonus. Right? 

The buffet in our dining room wasn't priced when I walked up to a sale. 

 I couldn't get my money out fast enough when he said it was only $5.00.
The drawer was a little wonky. If I remember correctly, one of the doors was off. 
The pulls that were on it were all wrong for the piece. 

Bill fixed the drawer and the door. We found pulls at an architectural salvage shop in Ft.Worth.
They were 10 times more than the price of the buffet but they were worth the splurge.
The finish and the veneer on this was damaged. I had no qualms about painting it white. 

Antique oil paintings are a favorite find at garage sales, antique malls, estate sales, and thrift stores. 

This charming garden wall painting was an unbelievable find at only $8.00. 
I think its from the 1920s or 30s. 
I have never had luck trying to research the artist but if we ever go to the Antiques Road Show, this is going with us. 

I even dream about garage sales. 
Early, one Friday morning I dreamt that I found a quilt. In a sea of 80's and 90's homes, there is a darling 1930's cottage down the street from me. They were having a sale (the only one they have ever had) and there was the quilt for only a $1.00. 

They also had this cute oil painting. It was also only $1.00.
The cows have my heart. 

It's painted on a piece of cardboard. I think it to be from the 20s or 30s as well. Painting on cardboard seems like something a Depression Era artist would do. 

This adorable spool table was only $3.00. 

It needed stripping because it was green. 

This was years ago, the green might be cute now. 

This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces. The lettering is just precious.
 I replaced the knobs on this piece too. 

A beautiful French chair was $3.00. It was also green. This time the finish was crackle or something. It was not a good finish for this piece.

The patina on this chair is lovely. 

I did a deconstructed upholstery look with drop cloths. 

Garage sales were a great place to get toys for the kids or for my school. 
You might have heard of the Star Wars movies. ;)
Star Wars toys came out in the 70s when the movie was first released.
At some point they were all re-released and my boys got into them - big time. 

Some of the bigger ships were a little beyond our budget at the time but I found quite a few original 70s characters and ships at a garage sale. I was particularly proud that I found the Millennium Falcon for only $3.00. 
I wrapped it up and gave it to my son for Christmas. 
I'd take a picture of it but it's buried behind all the Christmas stuff under the stairs. 

These days, I don't go to as many garage sales. Estate sales and thrift stores are more common stops for me now. 
It does seem like the days of the good deals are gone. 
Maybe but maybe not. 
It takes patience and time but garage sale finds were well worth it.
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  1. I want to go garage "saling" with you - what fabulous finds and great prices!! I especially like your buffet and am considering paintng an old piece that I have - you just might have given me the push I need!!

  2. Your home is gorgeous and you did a great job decorating with yard sale finds!

  3. Katie what great finds! I agree that it seems like you can't find great deals any more, even thrift stores in my area have gone sky high. But, every once in awhile.... I guess that's what keeps me going! Beautiful home!

  4. Wow, my mouth was on the floor, reading your post. Those prices are insane!! You are a fabulous (and lucky!!) shopper!!

  5. Boy you know how to find the great sales. I also want to go with you. Wouldn't that be so much fun? Love everything you have in your home.

  6. You have fantastic pieces. The cabinet was a great price and you made her lovely. I also love the spool table and the chair insane.


  7. I need to go thrifting with you - you have a knack for finding great deals.

  8. I agree, thrift store prices have gone up. Our local one has occasional sale days and then I can find a bargain or two. Beautiful finds, Katie!

  9. Oh my gosh Katie you SCORED!!! The pieces are gorgeous and you got them for a steal. What great bargain. I love that sewing spool side table. Wow Wow Wow for only $3. Happy Saturday,

  10. Wow, I need to go shopping with you! Great finds!

  11. Katie, you found some amazing pieces. That French chair that you upholstered is beyond wonderful. I just love how you redid it with the nails. It's gorgeous. And wow that buffet and spool cabinet are real treasures!

  12. Katie,
    What great finds especially that spool table!! I can remember exactly where and what I paid for almost every garage sale find in my house! It is the thrill of the hunt!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words on the passing of my dear nephew..

  13. Katie, any one of these items would be a jackpot win. But all 5! I need to go shopping with you. I never see prices that low. I especially love the dresser. The seller obviously did not know the value. Great job of making it pretty.

  14. Wow Katie, $5 for that buffet? You turned it into a gorgeous piece!! You really got some low prices on all your treasures. Loved how the chair turned out!

  15. I want to go garaging with you, although we'd probably go for lots of the same things! You got a real find with that little sewing table. I adore that one most of all!

  16. I love going to garage sales, too, Katie! I have been really good about NOT going to any since we moved to our new Texas house, but as I was driving home from school yesterday (Friday, 8/16)... I saw three! Might have to be my Friday afternoon treat for the week! ;0) Thank you for sharing this post with Share Your Style #220; happy to add your post for next week's features!

    Oh, wouldn't mind the plug above, either. ;) Thanks again and I love how your home looks with its fresh paint and new flooring! Hope everything is getting back to normal for you now after all the remodeling.

    Barb :)