Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Good Morning! Let's Catch Up

I couldn't sleep the other night because I was so sore and tired. 
They started installing the wood floors last Monday. It wasn't messy in the sense that there was wood scraps or sawdust. Our stuff was just everywhere! It was so annoying. 
This morning I was able to finally find my phone charger. It was under the clawfoot bathtub. 

The rug is sitting on the existing kitchen floor. The new floor, though a different texture, is a really good match as far as the color goes. 
The kitchen floor is 20 years old so it's hard to get it shiny. 
I'd like to replace it but I don't know with what. 
However, since it's such a good match, it's not urgent. 

By the end of the first day, the installers were finished with the living, entry and three closets. 
There were four workmen here. 

It lead me to believe that that they would finish in under the three allotted days. 

It was great to get a peek at our semi -finished floors. 

It is darker than I thought it would be but so far having a white dog doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. 
On Tuesday only two workmen showed up. They finished the dining room, the office and they got the mancave half finished.
On Wednesday morning the same two finished the man cave and started on the long hall into the master bedroom. 

There are five door casings to get around for this area. It took a long time so they didn't get it finished on Wednesday. 
 They couldn't set up our bed because it might cause the planks to dry incorrectly. 

Bill slept one guest room. I took the other. 

We both had an amazing night sleep. 

For a second we are tempted to go all "granny and grandpa" and get separate bedrooms. 

This was the scene on Thursday morning. 

I'm sure they were ready to get out of my house so they didn't have to deal with anymore antique furniture. 

The floor molding was delivered on Thursday morning as well.

Once they put my furniture back into place, I started unpacking. 

On Saturday Bill started installing the floor molding. I assisted as needed but I also put felt on the bottom of the furniture legs. 

He finished the living, entry and dining on Saturday. 
On Sunday night, we finished our room and most of the mancave. 
He finished what he could last night. 
It's raining this morning. They are supposed to come and finished the stairs today because they have been waiting on the stair nose. It was supposed to be in last Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. On Friday it was on a truck somewhere. It was supposed to come in yesterday so that it could be installed today. 
So far they are past their typical arrival time but I haven't gotten a call to say that they aren't coming. 
I'd like to go get the paint for the baseboards but I hate to leave and miss them. It is raining so they can't really set their saw up outside anyway. 

In other news. 
The administration at my old school turned over. The person/reason I quit is gone. He hired his own replacement. She is also gone. She only lasted two months. 
They have finally put someone in charge who is from within the organization. 
It is a fun place to work again. It's the happy family that it used to be. If you remember, I did a long term sub job during the spring of '18. I only subbed once last year so I got kicked off of the sub list somehow. 
On Friday, I went up for training to be put back on the list. Seeing my former co-workers happy is a joy but it is also bittersweet. I knew that when I quit that it was the right thing to do. It wasn't worth my health anymore. The little EE program that I created and nurtured was almost destroyed because we were priced out of the market. The new leader has lowered the price to make it competitive. 
The halls are busy and active once again. 
They went from 24 students last year to almost 80. 
It's very redemptive to see but it's too late for me. 
I've missed the camaraderie of the workplace and I've been praying about something that I could do that is very part time. 

I put it out on Facebook and a few hours later, I was texted about a job that is only 12 hours a week. 
I'll be working in a Budget Blinds showroom. I'll answer the phones, schedule appointments and greet walk ins (and what ever else they asked me to do).

It turns out that my friends that offered me the job hadn't even seen my FB post. 
Yesterday was my first day. I hope that today's employee doesn't have too many things to fix. 
It's not teaching. This is totally different and it should be fun and keep me occupied. 
That is my news. 
I'm sorry for the iPhone photos. I'll take some with the good camera soon. 
Come back tonight for Keep In Touch. 


  1. Living in the house while you're renovating it is the absolute worst!! Just keep focusing on the eventual beauty. (The floors look great in your pics by the way!)

  2. your floors look fabulous Katie! You'll get used to the darker color, it's very rich, warm and homey. Loved the grandma/grandpa bed situation. That's why we got a king size bed. I sleep very lightly and don't want to be bugged at night... the cat does that enough. Your new job sounds perfect, you'll be great! AND I'm loving your purse. so cute!

  3. The new floors looks so pretty. LOL I told Terry when our sleep number king could not fit in our new bedroom maybe we should get Lucy Desi twin beds!!! Now in a queen I do not want Terry or Buddy to touch me at night and I sleep very light and every movement is felt. So I hear ya! Love the cute purse.

  4. You are so close to being finished with your floors. Hang in there! What is complete looks so good. Congrats on your new job.

  5. The floors look really sweet Katie. I am glad that you found a job that suits you. I also had health problems because in my case I was sitting in front of the computer too many hours. So now I work in retail where I get to walk and exercise and get paid. A win-win. Good luck to you.

  6. Wonderful you can be on the sub list! That's exactly what happened in my work life and now it's better. I'm OK not working though I wouldn't have quit then if I'd known it would resolve!

    The house is marvelous, Katie. Great floors and boy, to get this closer and closer and closer -- what a relief! You will be four-star thrilled when you close the door on this project.