Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Keep In Touch #81

Hello Friends, 
How are you today? 
We are on day two of flooring. It's hard to have a normal day when there are workman in the house. 
The yard people just got here too. The dog doesn't know what to make of it. 
I'm going to insert some photos of the floor thus far. 
They are done with the living room, entry, closets and dining room. They are currently working on the office. 
Then they will move to the upstairs. 
I think the stairs will be last because the bullnose for the edge of each step isn't in yet. 
I'm wondering if they will need to come back to do the stairs later in the week. 

 This is a glue down floor. The glue goes on with a tool like those used with mastic. The glue is brown though. 
The wood is Hickory. It is not a heavily hand scraped floor but there are natural knots and imperfections. 

The color is closest to this picture. The rest of the pictures make it look darker than it is. 
It goes so well with my favorite antiques and the front door. 

You can see how they tape the pieces together until the glue is dry. 
There is color variation that coordinates well with our antiques. 
I have never done this before because there is very little that is perfect but there was an area in the living room where they had two lighter planks and then two darker planks. It looked like two different floors. 
They had already put in a couple of rows behind these planks but they pulled the darkest ones out and replaced them. It was stressful for me (and I think for them) but I knew once I saw that corner, I'd never unsee it. The crew chief ws glad that 
It was a spot that wasn't going to be covered with furniture or a rug. It would bug me from now and until I move or die. Haha. 

There is one tile in the kitchen backsplash that has more gold than all the rest. That little tile is like a burr under my saddle or a pea under my mattress. Most of the time I can ignore it but when I notice it again, it bugs me. 
Does this sort of thing happen to you? 
I told Bill that I felt bad but I'm so glad I said something. He'd done too many tiles by the time I noticed the gold one. 
I'm really not too much of a perfectionist when it comes to natural materials but I would have rejected this tile if I were the tile guy. 

Our features this week are Debbie from Debbie Dabble. She shares about the church where they held her nephew's service. He lost his battle with cancer if you have been following and praying for him. 
You will want to stop in to say hi to Debbie. 

She also found some of the good stuff at Dollar Tree. 

Stop in to say welcome to Lisa at Fresh Vintage. 
She just found us and linked up her foot board project

I think it's just darling. 

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Thanks for stopping in at our new time. 
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That's a great party. 
I'll be back to show you a few fun finds from Walmart. 
They had some adorable stuff for fall. 

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  1. Your floors are looking great, Katie, and they remind me a lot of mine, which I love. I'm glad that you made them change out the part that was bugging you. Thanks so much for hosting and have a great week.

  2. Thanks for hosting, Katie. Your new floors look really pretty and rich. I bet you will be glad when it is all done. You will have a "new" house when it is all put back together..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Katie, I know you are excited about your floors. They are going to be fabulous. Can't wait for the big reveal.

  4. Love the floors, Katie, they look a lot like mine that are Hickory also. Mine have a lot of variation, and I really love that. Yes, I totally understand about the little things. That happened to me several times while the work was happening here. eeeeck. Sorry, I'm late this week, can't wait to see the house when it's all put back together!

  5. That floor is looking fantastic!

    Oh I would have lost sleep over the mismatched floor board deal. I totally understand!

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting the party while you are so busy.
    Happy early fall,

  7. Your renovation will be wonderful when completed ! I like your tile and I see the gold area you are talking about however it's fine !

  8. Katie
    Thank you so much for sharing my Foot Board Shelf. I appreciate the sweet welcome! xo Lisa S

  9. Oh Katie, just think what it will be like when it's ALL DONE! And you're closing in on it. What a showplace it will be! Hard work, both the diy and the disruption for the pros. But fabulous!

    Hope to be back in another week or so to join you on Keep in Touch!