Monday, August 19, 2019


Television producers make demo day seem like a lot of fun. It's not. 
It's been seven weeks since the crew came to crack up the tile. I still have flash backs about it. I'm kidding! 
The installers are finally here today to put down our new floors. 
It's been a wearying seven weeks.  
While they install the floors, I'm again relegated to the kitchen and garden room. 

 These ares the only places that aren't a disaster. 
The deck isn't a disaster either but it's way to hot to sit outside. 

Here are some thoughts about living in a construction zone.
I don't deal well when things are torn up. 
When I paint a room I try to get it done and put back together the same day because I hate upheaval. 

In order to cope with the upheaval of the last seven weeks, the garden room has been kept free of any extra furniture or knick knacks. 
It's an area of calm in the midst of chaos. It's been a place to escape. 

My brother was coming to stay with us for a few days as soon as they were done cracking up the tile. 

Once everything had been cleaned, I put everything back together. 

It was twice the work but it was worth it. 
Living without floors made me very irritable at times but it would have been a lot worse if things weren't back to a semi normal state. 

We put the rugs back down rather than walk on concrete floors. 

They are trashed at this point. I was rolling them up this morning and they feel gritty like they are full of mastic and grout dust. 
These were not expensive so I don't have a problem putting them out in the trash. 
They aren't going down on the new wood.  

Planning for the fall season ahead has kept me busy while we have been waiting for floors. 

It will be so much fun putting out fall decor with new floors. 

I also noticed that even though I'd been cleaning regularly, there was still dust on everything. Everything all has to be thoroughly cleaned again.
There were two casualties to the great flooring project of 2019. 
The beadboard walls in the little bathroom and the board and batten wall in the dining room. 

Don't get me wrong, I really liked it but it wasn't love. 
I have decided that I'm not an accent wall person. We really needed to do the whole room but there was no way I was ever taking on a stencil project like that again. 
I also can't be faithful to an accent color. I love being able to decorate with different colors according to the seasons.

Bill was willing to save it which would mean cutting each batten to fit with new baseboard molding. He let me reach the conclusion that it had to go on my own. 
The floor in here is being changed. It is a laminate. We didn't love the color since it had oxidized. 
I didn't want to try to match the color or the width of this floor.
 Every floor has wider planks these days anyway.  
He let me reach that conclusion as well. 
The wall came down in about a half an hour. It has been repaired with mud and repainted. 
I worked on that this weekend. 
This room will still need some sort of detail or interest once the new floors are in. 
We're planning on crown molding. Bill is able to do that on his own. 
 Everyone seems a little stumped that we are not doing the kitchen right now. 

I really couldn't face tearing up another floor. This is glue down vinyl so I don't know what removal will be like. I also don't know what I want yet. I feel like we need tile but I kind of hate tile after living with 600 square feet of it for the last 13 years. 
The new floor is almost a perfect match so we'll live with it until the next bonus cycle. 
I'll have more details about them but they are Hickory. 
We are DIYers. We did the other floors ourselves. We could have done this one ourselves but it is so nice to have this hired out. 
What they accomplished in 4 hours would have taken us a whole weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to put this house back together. 
I can't wait to take pictures in here again too. 

We'll be picking out some rugs.
I don't know if I need to do a run down of the process of this or not.
There are some things to know when you are picking out new floors. I'll at least talk about our thought process with this.  
Have a wonderful Monday! 
Okay, I think I'm keeping Keep In Touch on Tuesday but I'm moving it to 6:00.
I hope you will join me. 


  1. Hi Katie,
    I can totally relate to your frustration and trying to deal with open floors until the new floors could go down. I had that in the kitchen and bathroom of the new house until Terry had the time to put the new floors in. It just feels like it is dirty in the house all the time with things torn up. I am glad you are getting the floors in. It will look beautiful.

  2. Hopefully it will be beautiful and all will be forgotten soon.

  3. We lived in our house 25 yrs ...with holes to the subfloor in the kitchen, so bad I had to carefully clean on my hands & knees to keep more flooring from coming up when I cleaned....before doing any remodeling. If I can live that long with that frustration, construction work is nothing.

    We replaced all of our flooring with sheet vinyl. I've never lived with tile (or if I did in college I can't remember now!). My son has tile & vinyl planks in his house & it's so hard to walk on. I hate how hard it is on my feet on legs. My sheet vinyl is soft, so super easy to clean & people actually get down & touch to see if it's real wood or tile. I know it's not the popular thing in homes but I'm so glad we chose it.

  4. You have been a trooper through this flooring situation. I'm like you I don't enjoy things all over. I'm dealing with it on a much smaller scale. Projects galore happened at once and it's overwhelming.

    You'll love your new floors.


  5. It's like (or will be like) you're living in a whole new house, Katie. The floors -- fabulous. And sometimes, to save sanity if nothing else, hiring it done is so much better! I hate the chaos of redoing things too. I'm still dealing with the basement flood and hope when I get home from the lake to get everything pulled back together for good.

  6. I would love to be relegated to your sun room!

    Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your makeover Katie. It will all be worth it in the end. Also, thanks for sharing at All About Home.

    Have a great week!