Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Curating A Black and White Christmas

If you have been with me a while, you may remember that I like to change up my Christmas decor each year by using a new color scheme. 
Last year it was blue and white. The year before that it was green and black. I've even used pink once. 
One year my brother accused me of having a UPS Christmas because I used plain brown packaging paper. We had aqua accents. It was darling! 
This year, I have been loving black and white buffalo check and I don't want to put it away. 

 I have the table runner, rug, and basket. All of which came from Hobby Lobby. They will look perfect for Christmas too. 

Let me say that I'm not decorating for Christmas. I really think I'll try to wait until after Thanksgiving. 
I did that last year and it was fine. 
I am crafting and collecting item for Christmas though. 
Let me show you what I've picked up and what I've crafted. 

Joann's always has sales on fleece this time of year. I got a yard and a half for a throw. 
We already had one but can you have too many throws? 

I picked up the tree pillow from Hobby Lobby. It had a gold star but I took that off. I'll embroider a star probably. 
I also have other off white sweater pillows to go with this scheme. 

I ordered some black and white valances from eBay. 

I'll do some writing or design on these balls from Hobby Lobby. 

The checked ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. The argyle pattern is from Joann's. 

This snowman sealed the deal as far as a black and white Christmas. I found him at Tuesday Morning way back in August or September. 

Hobby Lobby had a checked ornament and greenery but I wasn't wild about the greenery in the pick. 
So I made my own black and white balls and attached them to some greenery from Joann's. 
We have a lot of rusty bells around here so they may make an appearance this year. 

Hobby Lobby had the Merry Christmas sign. I went ahead and bought it instead of trying to make one myself. 
The black and white beads were a fall item. They still had plenty of strands at my store. I got four of them. That should fill up my tree. 

The rest I've decided to make myself. 

One of my old cottages got a new black roof and front door. It also got a new coat of glitter.

Can we talk about buffalo check on a sleigh? 
I painted this with the tutorial I practiced this summer. 

The JOY sign is a bit of a fail. Hopefully, the letters were half off otherwise this was not cost effective. 
The letters were $1.99 a piece! 
I could have bought a premade JOY sign for $7.00. 
The J won't even stand up. 
Ei, yi, yi. 

I also painted some snowflakes. 
An old Martha Stewart cottage got a new black roof as well. 

My last Martha Stewart cottage got a new facade with some checked scrapbook paper. 
I love how this one came out. 

That is how I've curated a black and white Christmas. 
We still have some stuff from the last time I did a black and white Nordic Christmas. 
I'm trying to enjoy my fall decor and not rush Christmas but I did want to have a look at what I had so I don't buy more than we need. 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Oh Katie, it's all just darling! I never would have thought of the black and white as a theme but it works so well! I'll look forward to the decorating photos (after TG, of course!)

  2. I went through the black and white phase last year. Love the sleigh

  3. I love the black and white theme with the checks and I like all of your makeovers. You seem to be so busy crafting and organized already for Christmas!

  4. I love your black and white! I think the joy sign looks cute not standing perfectly straight. You have shown so many good ideas.
    I love your curtains in your kitchen and I am envious of those corner windows!

  5. I am SO loving your black and white that you have going on, Katie!! Everything looks so great together. The fleece from JoAnn's is wonderful, and those valances...darling! You've done a great job!