Thursday, October 24, 2019

Fall Front Porch

Hi Friends.
It finally cooled off a little. It was time to decorate the front porch for fall. 
We have the only decorated porch in the neighborhood. 
I just think it was too hot. It still felt like summer until a week or two ago. 

We really don't have a much of a front porch. I decided to borrow some space from the adjacent flower bed. 

A bench and the plant stand traded places. 
The English ivy was growing over the bed into the walk. The monkey grass and shrubs were spilling over the walk on the opposite side. It looked like we were anti-company. 

Everything got trimmed. It looks much more open and welcoming.

The rest of the monkey grass or Liriope is out. There was just too much of it and I was over the look of it. It was fine when the shrubs were smaller. My landscape guy will probably be thrilled. I think a landscape can looked dated just like interiors. 

Mr. Scarecrow is feeling pretty satisfied with himself since he single handedly ended the drought. 
Yup. We were in what is called a flash drought as it hadn't rained in weeks. It started raining again as soon as I set the scarecrow outside. 
You can thank him now! 

The chicken wire ribbon in the wreath is adorable.  

I found the corn stalks at Dollar Tree. They are probably the best Dollar Tree item in the history of Dollar Tree items. 

Agree? They are so stinking cute! 

The front porch is cute but the back porch is adorable. 

The candle lantern was on the table as I had just rescued it from Bill's desire to put it in the garage sale. The bird house got set next to it as its last stop before being put in the green house. The plants were set down next on their journey to the yard. It looked so cute and all came together when I put the pumpkins out too. 

It was all by accident but it's been my favorite accidental vignette.
The leaves are just starting to change a little bit. I think it will be Thanksgiving before they really are at a peak.
That is it for now. Have a great day.


  1. This is all so pretty, Katie! Love your scarecrow...and those cornstalks!

  2. so cute and fun Katie, love the metal bench vignette with Mr. Scarecrow. I have Bittersweet envy.

  3. I wish I had more of an entry area to make a cute entry. This is darling. Oh, and VERY bad (good) news for me. I now have a dollar store about a half mile away. Walking distance, apart from the four-lane, always busy street to cross. I went yesterday but they must be out of these!

  4. So cute and beautiful...Really inspiring!Hugs!