Monday, October 28, 2019

The Fall Tree/Yay Or Nay?

The YouTubers I watch are all about the fall tree. What do you think? Do you decorate a fall tree? 
Maybe it's the new floors, the fact that we were thinking about moving or my recent loss but I was in the mood for a fall tree.
It's been ages since we had one up and I was on the fence about it.
Our fall tree decor was somewhat lacking and I lacked inspiration but we did have a small tote filled with woodland animals from our woodland Christmas tree. 
It had been so hot this fall. When it is miserably hot, a trip to the Christmas store instantly makes everything seem cooler. They must have the thermostat really low.
They had an excellent selection of fall sprays that were deeply discounted. I was able to find beautiful, unique full sprays for $2.49 or $2.99 each.

I went from on the fence to "all in."

Our slim pine tree from Hobby Lobby is perfect for a fall tree.
I set it up, fluffed it and strung it with two types of lights. Fluffing is key!
The lights with a bigger bulb are fun. They look vintage.
This tree got a coat of white spray paint and some spray can flocking but it won't make it look less fall.

This is a refresher and a quick reminder for next month. Ribbon placement makes or breaks a tree in my opinion.
I always start at the top right hand corner.

Pinch the end of a branch around the ribbon to secure it while you manipulate the ribbon.

Twist the ribbon a little to form a perfect ringlets. I always wanted ringlets when I was little.
My mom would put my hair in pin curls over night. My hair gets bigger and bigger during the day so I never thought my ringlets were perfect.

Drape the ringleted ribbon to the left and pinch on a branch.

Wind it around the back and up a little to form another tier of ribbon.
She the picture above. See how the ribbon gets pinched in but billows out at times.
It looks a little weird but will look great once picks and ornaments are in the tree.

We had two leaf garlands from Dollar Tree. I spaced them out and then wound them in the same direction as the ribbon.
I also added some orange berry garlands. These only slightly cascade left.
These look a little like grapevine.

Next the floral sprays were added. There are two or three of each type.

I bent the end of the stem to create a hook to loop around the trunk or a tree branch. 

Next it was time for ornaments.

Acorns, pinecones, squirrels, birds, nests and a butterfly or two.

I raided the Christmas box.

 I love the russet, gold and brown tones. The buffalo check ribbon and tree skirt are darling.

Thanks for stopping by.
Fall tree? Yay or Nay?


  1. I'm a great big YAY! I've had a tree up for Fall then transitioning to Christmas for many years. I started putting mine up before Thanksgiving just to have a head start on Christmas, but now I love decorating it for late Fall. Love all your cute woodsy critters and garlands. It's super cute, Katie. Glad your feeling up to decorating!

  2. Oh Katie, that's so cute! And I loved your ribbon instructions. Someday maybe I'll do ribbon on the tree and now I'll know the best way! I have to smile -- you have a lot of ornaments for your first fall tree from your Christmas collection. What a smart idea. And just think, come Christmas, just a few substitutions and you will be good to go. I have a couple of small Halloween trees but never really thought about a fall one. I may have to rethink that next year!

  3. I have to admit that my "normal" Christmas tree is more of a Fall tree. Fall is my favorite season, so I have a tendency to decorate my Christmas tree with bronzes and golds, with lots of birds, woodland critters and vintage wooden ornaments. It suits me much more than the glitz and glitter. I do bring in Christmas with more seasonal wreaths and swags, but my tree seems to reflect my small town, rural upbringing. Isn't is great that we're not all the same.

  4. I love your fall tree, Katie! The ribbon and ornaments are perfect!

  5. Katie!!
    You know me with Trees!! I LOVE it so it is absolutely a YAY!!!! You did a fantastic job!! So pretty!!

  6. I LOVE your Fall tree, Katie! It looks wonderful and you'll be ready for Christmas when it's time.

  7. So pretty Katie. Love this idea.
    Happy New Week.

  8. Gorgeous! Each year, I say I want to do this. This year, a sinus infection has waylaid those plans once again. I'm glad I can enjoy yours!
    Happy Fall.

  9. I say yay to it - so beautiful with all of the fall colors and black and white. Wish I had a space to put one! I need to scour thrift shops for those tall skinny trees!