Friday, October 25, 2019

Fall Garden Room 2019

Did I tell you that we have a new Pottery Barn outlet? 
If you have read Savvy Southern Style, you may have been envious that Kim lived very close to a PB outlet. She always has stunning bedrooms and it seems like a lot of her seasonal pillows and bedding came from there. 

I got a Pottery Barn gift card for my birthday in May. 
This summer I popped over to the store in hopes of finding a seasonal pillow of my own. 

Although, it seemed ridiculously expensive, I blew the whole gift card on this amazing pumpkin pillow. 
I absolutely love it. 
The little dresser we are using as an end table came from my step mother's house. 
It belonged to my great grandparents. 
It was labeled on the back by my mother or grandmother. 
My birth mom was sick for about 7 years so she and my grandmother labeled a lot of items so we would know where they came from. 

It is a lot lighter than my other furniture but it is a cutie. Now that I look at the picture, I think my parents changed the pulls to make it look more colonial. I'm sure the original pulls were more Victorian because they would have married in the late 1800s. 
I may need to hunt for a more Victorian looking pull. 

Our red truck got a darling real green and white pumpkin and bittersweet. 
I have some fairy lights going all over it too. 
This apple ale candle smells divine! 

The blue and white transferware pitcher also came from my step mom's house. 
My brother was going to take it but I said "no - not happening". 
If he is reading this, I will remind him that he got the lusterware cat that sat on my dad's desk. 
That was the item we all remembered and we all wanted it. 
I'm loving this rusty moment with the mums and our rust wool throw. 

 I've lost a lot of display space out here since we moved the holiday cupboard out to the entryway so my tiered tray got some fall decor. 

The wooden squirrel was from Walmart as a little three piece wall hanging. I took it apart. There were two little wooden acorns that I used some where else.  

The pumpkins were from Dollar Tree. 
I painted the checked one. 

Bill has a cozy corner for reading. I did not clean up his books for you. He has quite a selection going right now because he is an avid reader.
The chair is IKEA. 
The throws came from Tuesday Morning. 

The secretary desk got a bit of fall decor and some fairy lights. 

I dropped the scarecrow the other day so now he has a broken butt. 

The farm stand from a RAZ Import warehouse sale got some fall love. 

I can already tell that this is going to be a favorite planter to decorate for the seasons. 
There you go. 

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Happy Friday. 


  1. Amazing Fall vignettes,made me swoon!Thanks for sharing!Hugs!

  2. I love this room Katie. Lucky duck on the PB Outlet. we don't even have a regular PB any closer than Tulsa, Kansas City or St. Louis. Sometimes we have to splurge on really special things, love the pillow and throws!

  3. What a delightful and cozy room, Katie. I love every bit. Oh, wish I had an outlet here -- can't afford the real thing too often!

  4. I love the addition of all of the fairy lights throughout your decor, they add a little sparkle to your cozy and welcoming room! How lucky to have that outlet near you! I just got a new Pottery Barn sofa!!

  5. Everything looks lovely.

    I especially like the styling in the cabinet with the fairy lights. I might have to copy that idea.

  6. Katie,
    Thanks so much for all your visits and for your kind words!!!
    I love all of your sweet decorations so pretty!! I was lucky when my Mom passed sister did not want anything that wasn't brand new so I lucked out with all the older pieces or "junk" as my sister called it...

  7. I love your fall decorating and envy you because of a pottery barn outlet.

  8. I love it all, Katie! Lucky for you to get a PB outlet nearby.

  9. I am new to your site. but love your simplicity of doing holiday decor. I take a little bit of each that I like and pull it together. thank you for sharing your creativity. I did pin this today to keep the sharing going. I do live in the Southwest(New Mexico)so my decor can be desert like sometimes. I am a art card creator and sell locally, so your colors and textures inspire me. I follow Jeanie Cooper in Michigan and know she posts on your site. I will keep checking your site often.