Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Keep In Touch #88

Hi Welcome to Keep In Touch. 

I've been transitioning from fall decor to more of an "Over The River And Through The Woods" look. I'm mixing in a lodgy feel with my feathers, turkeys and acorns. 
It's been fun to pull out warm cozy throws in red and black buffalo check and sprinkling in my needlepoint pillows. 
I got a new one off of eBay and it came last night. 
I fluffed it in the dryer and restitched the back on. I think it had been done by hand and it was a little wonky. 
It is a lovely worn example of vintage needlepoint. 

 I tried my hand at Mod Podge today. I could not get the wrinkles out and gave up after three tries. 
Did any one else think it used to be called Modge Podge? 
If not, I spent the 70s calling it the wrong thing. 

I haven't been to the grocery store to do a decent shopping since my step mother died. 
We were in a sad state around here. 
Thank heavens for Bill's Sunday runs to the store. 
Guess how much this was? 

I picked up some oranges and gave drying them in the oven a try. 
The house doesn't smell divine like I thought it would. 
They will be cute in a Christmas garland of some kind. 
Some apple was thrown in too. 

My corner cupboard got an acorn, pinecone and leaf wreath. 
I love, love, love! 
There was a perfect nail hole on the inside of the door just waiting for new nail and a bit of ribbon. 
The ribbon is caught by the nail and it drapes over the top to the outside of the door. 
I cannot wait to put a Christmas wreath here. 
Bill commented on how Colonial it looked. 
That might be what caused the orange drying mentioned above. 

It's not all Colonial fun and games over here, however. 
I was straightening up my craft and blogging closet today.  
I opened my old phone with the thought of taking it in to Apple to see about a repair so that I could pass it down to someone. 
This is what I saw. 
The battery expanded and cracked the case and screen. 
Have you ever heard of this? 


Our feature this week is Amy of A Day Of Small Things shares a darling poem and photos on her blog. 

I enjoyed catching up with everyone last week. Some are savoring all the fall we can but some are looking ahead to Christmas. 
I'm caught between the two. 
I hope to blog more this week. Next week will be a little crazy. 
We go to Seattle next Thursday morning. 
I'm so excited. Our son lives there now but I've wanted to go since watching Here Come The Brides as a kid. 
That's all for now. 

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  1. I love your "Modge Podge" (I always still call it that) wrinkles and all. That big brown bow on your wreath is wonderful. When I first dried oranges I was disappointed that the house didn't smell like fall and citrus but I still love dried oranges for the holidays. Everything in your home is looking lovely for this time of year.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. LOVE that corner cupboard and it must be loads of fun doing your transition, which is a great combo for this in-between season. Bummer about the non-citrus smell but I think they'll still be kind of perfect!

  3. are those sticks I see in your shopping cart? haha from Walmart? everything looks wonderful, love the Buffalo Check and the old cabin print, wrinkles and all.

  4. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for hosting.

  5. I love your new needlepoint pillow, Katie, and your pretty corner cupboard and wreath. Bill is such a great guy! Yep, I called it Mod Podge waaaaay back when, and still do! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Try wetting your print before you Mod Podge it to get the wrinkles to settle down. Thanks for letting me join in this week!


  7. Hi Katie, I'm late as usual. I think I have given up on being on time any place. I love that little wreath on the door and the way that type of ribbon hangs. So soft and just the right size for the wreath. Have fun in Seattle. It is such a beautiful city. You will love it..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. Thank you Katie for hosting your Keep In Touch. Always appreciated.