Thursday, November 7, 2019

Needlepoint And Plaid For Colder Days

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My husband is thoughtful and will bring me a magazine when I am sick, have had surgery or when I had our babies. When our oldest was born, he brought me an issue of Country Living Magazine. When our youngest was born, he brought me the November 1990 issue of Victoria Magazine. 
(I don't remember what he brought me with our middle child - typical right?) 
I devoured that November issue. It had a wonderful room styled with Ralph Lauren items. 
One image was a needlepoint pillow resting against tartan pillows. 
It was that image that started my love affair with needlepoint.

You can see that image and several others on my Christmas board on Pinterest. 
I've also started a Victoria Magazine board. If you loved that magazine, you will want to check that out. 
My love for tartan didn't begin with that November issue.


It began with a Christmas article in Victoria featuring the home of Mary Baltz. (She's also featured on my Christmas board.)


Her normally all shabby and white home was transformed each Christmas with red tartans and needlepoint pillows with a black back ground.
At least one of our beds gets this treatment each year.


This year they may all get this treatment. 

I finally have enough needlepoint pillows.
I'm about to finish one that I started years ago.

I also found one on eBay for a steal.

It's very vintage and wonderful.

I've pulled out all our plaid throws.


(Where is that pillow? Hmmm)
I've also taken stock of all of our plaid ribbon.


I'm planning where to put the trees.
I've been out looking for more plaid (and checks) but vintage plaid tins are hard to come by.


I am not decorating for Christmas yet. Most of these images are from other years but I'm slowly headed that way.
All the pumpkins are removed. There are pinecones sprinkled in with turkeys, acorns and leaves.
Rich plaids, checks and sweater pillows are residing on the sofas.

Much cooler weather is here and the house reflects that change.
That's all for now.
What are you up to?

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  1. Love all the pretty plaids for fall and Christmas. Love your pillows so pretty. Your home is looking so cozy for fall.
    Hugs and Happy Thursday.

  2. I love tartan too - and not just because I'm Scottish!

  3. I may be in the minority, but I love the transition decor from fall to Christmas. It's not holiday decor, but is warm, cozy and brings out the vintage and remembrance of things past that are meaningful to us like no other season does. Who does not love pine cones, needlepoint pillows and tartan plaid - that then morphs into tartan plaid, holiday pillows and Christmas trees. I've never done needlepoint, but I do have cross-stitch pillow covers that I made years ago, my favorite being red and green on a black background. It's beginning to show its age, but then so am I.

  4. My mom needlepointed often and so did I. Most of our pillows are at the lake (though I'm sitting on one right now!). I should really finish some of her unfinished (that is, not put together) things but I don't know anyone here now to take it to for finishing. It really is beautiful and it looks lovely in your home.

  5. I love needlepoint too. You have a lovely collection! And nobody does plaid Like RL. I'm headed to check out your Victoria board!

  6. Im loving all your needlepoint pillows, Katie. I have several cross stitched ones that I’ve done, but no needlepoint.

  7. Katie,
    Thanks so much for your visits!! I love the needlepoint !! So pretty! I am going to head over to check out your board now!