Monday, November 18, 2019

Our Trip To Seattle

I've wanted to go to Seattle since the T.V. show, "Here Come The Brides" aired in 1968. I told Bill that I thought I was about 8 but I was 9 instead. 
I loved that show. I think it was loosely based on one of my favorite musicals, "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers." It was also a fav. 
Anyway, the movie, "Sleepless In Seattle" sealed the deal. 
Our son lives there now so Bill and I jetted off this past weekend to see him and the sights. 

We visited all the iconic Seattle attractions. 

Lake Union is where Tom Hanks had his house boat. 

On Friday, we got out of town and visited the town of Snoqualmie. 
It was about a 45 minute drive and well worth it. 

The falls are breath taking. 

It was beautiful and inspiring. 

There was still some fall color hanging on. 
I was thrilled. 

There are charming neighborhoods. 
It didn't rain on us so we were able to walk around Green Lake Park. 

 We saw the Hooded Merganser so I was able to check that one in my bird book. 

 We had a great time. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get away and visit your son. Looks like you saw a lot of great sites and had a wonderful time?!?!? The falls are much beauty! Have a great week...

  2. How fun to visit your son and see the city of Seattle. What a fun trip.

  3. just beautiful, love seeing that leaf color on the lake with the ducks. it's so nice that you guys can get away for these great trips!

  4. It looks like such a fun trip, Katie, and good timing with the fall.I've always wanted to go to their public market. It's fun to see the photos.