Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Christmas Trees of 2019

Yes, I'm in love with Christmas ornaments. We have collected enough to fill up 4 trees!
My question for you. How can you only accumulate ornaments for one tree?
I just love collecting ornaments. 

The big tree or the main tree is filled with some birds, bird houses

Flowers, rose hips, ivy, sparkly evergreen picks, black and white wooden beads,

three types of ribbon, buffalo check, plaid and a tweedy pattern and 

our higher end ornaments from Lenox, Waterford, Gorham, etc. 
Bill has bought me some for Christmas gifts but I've also found a bunch of them at thrift stores. 
I just picked one up last weekend for 50 cents, if you can believe that! 
We have an ornament for each year of our marriage and I have some for special years like H.S. and College graduation.

The lights on this tree are LED. It gives off a bit of a blue glow with the flocking. 
The branches are prickly, therefore, they hurt when I put ornaments on it. This tree came from Hobby Lobby. 

Tree #2 gives off a warm glow. 
It is Bill's favorite tree this year. 

This white tree came from Walmart. It was cheap, cheap, cheap. 

It's not prelit. I think I picked up the lights at Walmart too. 
We've had this tree since 2015. It spent 3 of the last 5 seasons in the attic. It looked perfect when we pulled it down. White trees do not turn brown like flocked trees. 

I tried 4 different types of ribbon in this tree. Bill liked the red and white checks the best. They ended up looking the best. 
It's decorated with a mix of cardinals, snowmen, candy canes, red and red and white checked ornaments. 
The gingham ornaments are vintage Shiny Brites. 
I adore them. 
A few of my favorite gingerbread ornaments are on this tree too. 

This vintage cutie was 25 cents. I found his mate a few weeks later. 

The mercury glass garland was also thrifted. 
The gameroom tree hasn't had a new look in about 5 years. 

The red and black buffalo checked ribbon is about 16 years old. It was supposed to be threaded through the white tree but it didn't look good.  Instead it is on a flocked prelit tree from Walmart. 
This tree did not have LED light but incandescent. It's almost all burned out and has been restrung. 
This was a $69.00 tree. A bargain! 

Since I have been on such a buffalo check kick, it got used in this tree instead. 

I just noticed the top is crooked. Oh well. 

The polar bears are hibernating this year. This year all the woodland animals are on display. 

The poinsettia picks are from Hobby Lobby because I just cannot stay out of H.L!
  The bell and red berry garland was a clearance find from Joann's last year. 

Now let's talk about my favorite tree of the year. 

The dining room is my favorite room right now. 
The dining room tree is a slim pencil post tree from Hobby Lobby. These are a staple at Hobby Lobby and they are almost always on sale. They are tall but skinny. I believe that one of these will always be a part of our decor. This is my second tree like this. It's about four years old but it needed to be restrung last year. 

Which was fine because it got a dusting of "snow" before I put more lights in it. 
This tree houses our antique German style ornaments. 

I seem to be the family collector of all the antique ornaments. 
My siblings have a few from our side of the family but we are caretakers of all the ornaments from Bill's side of the family. 

His families Santa is more red. My families Santa is almost brown. There are two of each of these.
There was even one more Santa hiding out at my step mom's house. 

The indent with the spun silver above was a thrifted find. 

This tree got a cascade of plaid and black ribbons. 
It also got some battery operated candles. 

It's so pretty. 

There you have our Christmas trees of 2019. 
I hope you are having a good weekend. 
I also hope that you are well. The holidays can be a difficult time. 
Such was my day, yesterday. I'm better today though. 
I got up renewed and four types of sweet treats are almost ready for Wednesday. 
It will be here before we know it.  
As always, I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. The answer to your question is: Not even remotely possible! I adore every single one of your trees, all beautiful and all unique, filled with memories and things that move your soul. And they look perfect in their spaces! Merriest, my friend!

  2. Katie, simply lovely all of them! I'm at my daughter's with most of the family this year. We lost Wild Bill on Dec 3rd and I have not been home since the 5th. I missed decorating this year, but we are having the gathering that Bill loved and we had planned for though we will miss him dearly. Hug all your love ones and keep them near. Christmas would be wonderful if it lasted all year long!

  3. I love all your trees Katie. You have all the styles in your home to enjoy. Have a beautiful Christmas. I bet you love the look of the trees glowing at night. My favorite part.

  4. WOW, Katie - you have amazing trees! I am hard pressed to give you a favorite!

    You have decorated your trees so beautifully! I like how you can group ornaments together to make color themes.

    I have always loved the white trees - all my white trees are ceramic or feather.

    I haven't done a house tour post yet - haha - too much entertaining! I know it's a bit late, but I should just to document how I had it for next year lol.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and Bill. : - )

  5. Your trees and ornaments are beautiful. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY<BLESSED 2020.

  6. Your trees are beautiful, Katie, Merry Christmas!