Monday, December 30, 2019

Looking Back On 2019

Here are some photos from the last year.
It's been a doozy. There have been some hardships but there have been some wonderful things to happen too.
Here's a recap.

In January I began to add some pattern back into our home.

I just love my copper wall.

Vintage accents are always present in our home.


Spring arrived.

We put up a cover over our deck. The directions said that it should two people ten hours to assemble. That might have been understating it a bit.

I began walking the dog on a regular basis.

My sweet husband organized a fun birthday celebration.

We took two sweet boys fishing in June.

We spotted a house that I wanted to restore.

Which led to a hunt for a new house. We found one that seemed perfect for us but we lost the bid.

I made a quilt.

 More color appeared in the house.

Shortly after 4th of July, we had all our tile floors cracked up in anticipation of new wood floors.

My poor pup was horribly attacked at the end of July.

She recovered and we got our new floors.

I got a new job in August.

My step mom died that last day of August

so I cried all through the country of Italy in September.

Tuscany is beautiful though.

Fall weather lasted about a day.

We had a sweet weekend out at the lake. Bill caught quite a few fish.

We visited our son in Seattle in November.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner.

 Suddenly, it was Christmas time again.

Vintage, plaid and color were present this Christmas.

Happy New Year!
There will not be a Keep In Touch tomorrow.
We will resume next Tuesday.
Thanks for coming by and for all of your support.


  1. You had a very busy and fun 2019 except for the loss of your step mom. Wishing you a 2020 of great joy, no loss and just lots of fun decorating adventures ahead on your blog. Happy New Year.

  2. Love seeing your recap of the year. I'm so sorry that you weren't in a better frame of mind to travel to Italy, but I know it was a breathtaking visit. Glad the pupster is back to health and that those floors were finally done. Your floors and my landscaping trials were monumental. thanks for sharing your year with us! Have a blessed and Happy New Year, Katie! xo

  3. I love each and every photo and I'm so delighted with your recap and to remember these wonderful posts I've enjoyed here. Yes, you have had some grand highs and wretched lows, but look at you. Still here. Still loving. Still smiling. Still sharing. I wish you joy in 2020, Katie. You so deserve it.

  4. its always fun to look back. You had a busy year. And yes Christmas comes around faster every year.

  5. Beautiful and bittersweet recap! Wishing you a blessed and happy 2020!