Sunday, January 5, 2020

Camping Weekend?

After a 10 hour power Christmas take down and organization feat, Bill hit me with the news that we were going camping. 

Camping is work. I was exhausted. 
However, I rallied - somewhat. 
I say somewhat because I just wasn't the most organized this trip.  
Over the course of the weekend, we made three trips to the Dollar General. 
Thank heavens that there is a Dollar G in just about every small town in Texas. I think they put the Alcoa out of business, though.  

Usually, there are Joanna Gaines inspired tablescloths and linens. Hotel china, tea cups, coffee cups etc, etc, etc. 
Not this time. 
After the great mouse caper of 2014, we decided not to store anything inside of it except Irish Spring bath soap.  
Mice love toilet paper and paper towels - FYI. They don't love the smell of balsam. 
 You may remember that I rehabbed the camper two and a half years ago. 
There is a great series of camper posts but because I am lacking in blogging sticktoitiveness so there was not really a reveal post. 
Fabulous thrifting expeditions ensued and darling black and white accessories were collected for the camper. Since we don't store anything in the camper, they got dispersed throughout our various cupboards. Some of it was congregated for this trip but not everything. 
Hence the many trips to the Dollar G.  

We didn't bring any coffee cups. We love camp coffee. 
These were the only coffee cups at the DG. 
The Good Morning Sunshine mug is mine. This choice was very ironic as I am NOT a morning person at all. 

This was my natural centerpiece.  
There wasn't a thing blooming. It was fun collecting what was available.  

I really don't love all the pantry items on display. I think I'm going to make a little curtain for this niche. A spring rod should hold it in place. 

On a whim, I grabbed this postcard in an Adirondack frame at the last minute. 
We both loved how it added a cabin look to the camper. 
I painted the log cabin watercolor. 

As I lay on the bed dozing and napping, (Napping in the camper is about the best thing ever.)
I had a good look at the inside. 
I was a little astounded at the amount of work that it took to transform it from rusty red and brown to tasteful gray, black and white. 

I tried tooting my own horn to Bill but he didn't seem as impressed with me as I was with myself. Haha. 

These are all pictures with my iPhone but here are some styling shots with the decor items that were thrown in the truck right before we left. 
There is a punch list of stuff we still need to do.
I think I'll make a list of everything we need to bring so next time we don't make so many trips to the Dollar G. 
I'll leave you with some Selfies With A Dog.

These two were so excited to camp. 

I was correct. It is a lot of work but the weather was amazing. 
We also had a fun time with family. 

It was a great weekend. 
Can you see the Dollar G in the distance? 


  1. Hi Katie,
    Glad you had a great time camping and had beautiful weather for it. Happy New Year.

  2. It's really cute, Katie. And sometimes the best trips are the one for which you have planned least!

  3. Very nice! The doggie is so cute!
    Happy New Year!