Thursday, January 2, 2020

Some January Changes

Good Morning! 
How are you all? 
Happy New Year. I hope yours was a good one. 
I'm so excited about the new year and new possibilities. 

I couldn't wait to remove the Christmas stuff. 
Red and green together gets on my nerves as soon as the wrapping paper is thrown away. 
A lone tin full of Christmas cookies can send me into a rage. Not really but kind of. ;)

Some of the decor actually starting coming down before Christmas. 

I removed the plaid from the holiday cupboard and added my little hand painted cottages. 

Some antique German cake topper snow babies frolic on the shelf with a Target Dollar Spot sign. 

These were hunted down on eBay years ago. I think I paid $11.00 for the pair. 
I just think that they are adorable.

A Hobby Lobby snowman holds a vintage post card. Topiary balls provide a dash of greenery. 

I did the two little water colors about 4 years ago. 

These images of my mom with my brothers are two of my favorites. 
I just adore how cute they all look. 
I love the silhouette of her coat and the low boots. A very iconic look for the early 60s. 

I've been collecting faux paperwhites for a few years.
 I love the thought of real but they smell terrible. 
A real pot of them ended up outside because they smelled like stinky feet or worse. 

Other white bulbs are dotted through out our space.
The little bird house looks like it has a dusting of snow. It was a Christmas ornament that had seen better days. All of the Christmas fluff was pulled off and thrown away. 

The chickadee figurine was a thrifted item. It's my favorite winter accessory. 
Fairy lights keep the twinkle going. 

More paperwhites in a French style basket grace the kitchen window sill. 

I made a new valance for the laundry room out of pillow ticking from Hobby Lobby. 
It's self lined but it almost needs some black out inside. 

The red ticking in the pie safe was switched to blue ticking. 

It reads gray which is perfect for this time of year. 
That is what I've been puttering with downstairs. 
Do you like "What I got for Christmas posts?" One of those is in the works for you. 
There are a few other things on my mind during the slow month of January. I can't wait to share them with you.  
Do you have any new projects on the horizon for the new year?
I hope so. 
Have a great day. 


  1. It is fun to decorate for Christmas, but it seems so freeing afterwards to pack it all away and have a clean fresh slate again. Your home looks amazing . . . so fresh, clean and all with a "Hint of Winter" and a "Hope of Spring" :)

  2. It looks lovely, Katie, white and wintry. I want to get some of Christmas down but right now stuck in kitchen redo--emptying cabinets, sorting to keep/donate/give away. All good and for good reasons but I really need to at least bid farewell to Santa and creches!

  3. Hi Katie. Hope you had a great Christmas. My decorations are still up. Call me silly but I can't get enough of it all, I even love the smell of paperwhites. See you next week for the party..Happy New Year..xoJudy

  4. Love the touches of green with your whites. I hope to get my decor down this weekend. We have been down this past week watching our grand girls so it will be nice to be home in my own bed and the quiet of my little house again. Happy New Year.