Thursday, January 9, 2020

My New Toaster

This post also could be titled, "That Day I Took 80 Photos Of A Toaster," 

If you have been with me a while, you may know that I don't like appliances on the counter.
 I want the counter to have cute things not necessarily practical things. 
This isn't the most workable philosophy. 
We had your typical $15.00 toaster. I think I got it at Albertson's on a regular grocery store run. 
We kept it in the cabinet. I didn't eat breakfast until I retired. When I retired, I started eating an English Muffin every morning. 

 I'd pull that toaster in and out of the cabinet every day. 

 Bill started eating toast every morning. He really doesn't have the time or the patience to pull the toaster in and out of the cabinet. He doesn't really sympathize with my no appliances on the counter credo. 
The ugly toaster took up a smug residence on the counter. It sat there taunting me in all it's worn out stainless steal glory. It had won! 

When I went back to work in August, I decided that I'd use my first paycheck to get a cute, vintage inspired toaster. That way the in and out of the cupboard war would end. 
I began pricing cute vintage inspired toasters. 
~Hello, sticker shock~! 
I couldn't do it. I was too cheap. 

If you read Liz Marie, you have seen her Smeg appliances. I wanted one of those.  
When we were in Seattle, we went to a darling shopping district called, University Village. 
They had a Williams Sonama store so I could look at the Smeg in person. 
It wasn't love. The knob is a little weird. It had to be love for the price.
Instead the Breville 2-Slice Luxe Toaster caught my eye. 
I'd hoped that Santa would bring it to me

and he did. 

I love watching Farmhouse on Boone on YouTube. 
As she revealed her new kitchen, she talked about her new KitchenAide mixer. She got it because it looks better on her counter than the old mixer. 
Because she is a blogger and a YouTuber, her kitchen has to be cute. 
I agree. 

There is a lot of behind the scenes with blogging. 
The toaster is one less thing to remove for photos.

This is a great little machine. 

 It toasts more evenly than our old toaster. 

 The lighted dial lets you know how the toast is progressing. 

I'm not super thrilled with the big black cord, however so I keep unplugging it. 

Bill keeps plugging it back in. Alas, the war continues. 

Come back tomorrow for Ten on the 10th. 
We will sharing organization ideas. 
Have a great evening. 


  1. I have the same dilemma in my kitchen. an extra microwave, a toaster oven, a tv. this is why you all don't see my kitchen. (except once) your new little guy is a real cutie; all white and spiffy.

  2. I love your new little toaster - I'm ready for a white/vintage one. I'm not a breakfast eater, but I am a toast or muffin fan. Every morning with my coffee. I hate putting it away and pulling it out every day, so I leave it out, but like you, I have to unplug it so I don't see the cord. The cords of small appliances on countertops are my nemesis, not the appliances themselves. I know, I know - such 1st world problems .....

  3. Paint the cord white.

    I have limited counter space. I was pleased to find a toaster that is black with a retractable cord. I keep it on the pie rack because there's no room in a convenient cupboard and I use it enough to be handy but not on the counter. There's enough on the counter as is! It's a great design, Katie. Good find!

  4. Cute lil toaster! Actually, I think it is recommended to unplug small appliances when not in use. We have a Breville toaster and keep it unplugged.

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  6. I love love love this toaster. I have a 1950's vintage chrome toaster on my kitchen countertop. Like you I only like pretty things out. This toaster looks brand new. It was my Grandmother's. But I am scared to use it! I'm sure it probably works fine but I do not want to risk it. I love the vintage vibe it gives to my kitchen and think about buying a new one I could use that looks vintage but I love my old one too much to put away.