Friday, January 10, 2020

Top Five Pantry Organization Items

Hi! Welcome to Ten On The Tenth, where 10 or so bloggers get together and share ideas under ten dollars. 
I'd love to thank our sweet host Ann of The Apple Street Cottage. She is starting off our year for us.

January isn't necessarily my month for resolutions. Summer is typically my time to deep clean and organize. I did that last summer so the pantry only needed was a new year purge and a straightening up. 
These are my favorite items for making the pantry cute as well as functional.

#1Ball & Other Jars
What is it about jars? I just love collecting these.

One of the Ball jars is old and the other is a reproduction.
 The old one was about $6.00.
The repro was about $3.00, I think.
You can find similar at Target.

These have been made for about five years and there has been a different color each year.
Aqua, green and purple were all jars in production. This year they re-did the aqua and the match is nearly perfect. You almost can't tell the difference until you look at the lid. They are also made in the USA.

I love these for storing smaller items.

They also make great vases.

#2 Shelf Liner
Collectively, I realize that it costs more than $10.00 to line the shelves of a pantry but each roll is about $6.00. I love the Pioneer Woman shelf liner from Walmart. It offers a lot of bang for the buck and it has that vintage vibe that I adore. I used it to cover the walls of my pantry.

The red check is older and discontinued which is too bad because it's adorable and a classic.
This type of shelf liner is washable and nearly indestructible so it is a good investment.
Dollar Tree also has some cute shelf liners for those that really want a bargain.

#3 Vintage Tins

Since I'm a collector of collections, we have amassed a stash of vintage tins.
I typically pay around $3.00 for each tin.
Combined with the jars, it makes for a neat and tidy display of everyday items.
I love the Marshmallow tin. However, it turns out that we don't eat marshmallows so this tin stores other tins. It was more than $10.00 FYI.
The chicken tins are circa 1983, the year we got married. Our stuff is now vintage, I guess.

#4 Chalkboard Labels

I love these for labeling. A package of them is just a few dollars. They can be found at any of the craft stores.
I used a fine tip chalk board marker and replicated a recognizable farmhouse font.

#5 Baskets and Crates
Removing breakfast bars and other packaged items has long been a habit of ours.

A small crate is perfect for soup cans.

A crate from IKEA holds boxes of crackers and other snacks.
There you have it.
My five tips for organizing a pantry.
Keep your eyes peeled for jars, tins, baskets, and crates to reorganize your pantry.
Do you purge and clean in January?
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  1. Great ideas, Katie! Reorganizing the pantry it tops on my list this year. Thanks!

  2. I need you to come and organize my pantry!! I love your wallpaper and never even considered doing that - it makes it so cheery. Maybe I will add this chore to my January "to do " list!!

  3. All of these are great ideas and some I already use regularly. Now I think I might have a few additions!

  4. Great ideas Katie. Pantries can get out of hand easily. I love using my vintage mason jars too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your ideas, Katie. Mason jars are my favorite and I always look for unique ones at yard sales. I wish I still had the tins that I tossed years ago - what was I thinking?? I guess it's something else to put on my yard sale list!

  6. I love the colored mason jars. I use the clear ones and want to go out and get a few color ones to add to my pantry. I love how cute yours looks. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Katie, I love your self description, a collector of collections. I think I might easily fit into that category! Love your ideas for keeping the pantry organized. Using those special vintage tins keeps it fun and interesting. I had a wonderful collection of vintage tins, but passed it on to a young collector friend years ago. I kept all my Mary Engelbreit tins. Most had been holiday gifts from students, and I just couldn't part with them. They come out for the appropriate holiday. I happened to be teaching when ME was big on the market! Ha! Ha!