Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Simple Pleasure Of Dusting

Is it just me? 
Does anyone else find contented pleasure in dusting? 
 I know I have some new treasures so, maybe dusting these new family trinkets will get old 
but I doubt it. 

There is something therapeutic about touching and moving each item to clean the surface and then putting it back into place.

There is satisfaction and beauty in collected items all coming together to tell a visual story. 
Our homes should be a reflection of our story. 

I've always loved moving things around and playing with our trinkets. 
When I was a child, the neighbor behind us got the new Barbie dream house for one of the crazy nights of Hanukkah. I was quite envious. I loved playing Barbies and my dream house was made of old milk crates and some mix matched furniture.  I think I made the bed out of a shoe box. 
My mother was probably opposed to all that plastic. 
She was a thrifter so the furniture for my wee doll abode was all second hand. 
Knowing what I know now about brain development, the process of DIYing my Barbie dream house was actually really good for me. 

It certainly feeds into my current love of a good DIY. 
There was no plastic stove for my Barbies. They cooked on a cast iron salesman's sample and on a more modern electric stove from the 1930s. 

I watch a lot of decorate with me YouTube videos. I've observed as they do the same think that I do - move it, angle it, add something else to the vignette, move it again, make sure that there is height and balance. They stare at it and adjust until it is just right. 

I've been accused of being materialistic. It wasn't said nicely and I didn't take it well.  I enjoy my possessions and I would grieve if something happened but I know myself. 
I'd move on. There would be growth as in any trial. 

These things are more than just trinkets to dust. They are possessions to enjoy and admire. 
I enjoy creating a home for us. I hope that my children feel like they are coming home when they visit and that they feel safe here. I hope that our friends feel welcomed and comfortable. 
The house is dusted. It has to be because workmen are coming tomorrow to create some more dust! 


  1. Well, first of all -- materialistic? I just don't get that. We all have things we love, look for, collect. Maybe I don't get the definition but when it becomes just to acquire without thought, or in competition -- me v. you -- then it goes materialistic. I've never, ever seen that once in anything you've ever written. Never.

    As for the dusting, well, I bow down to you. As Rick will tell you (and not in a nice way!) I am not God's gift to dusting and I should be. It gets overwhelming. But when I do it, I am very good at it. Very precise!

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    1. By the way, I featured you at the last All About Home Link party!