Sunday, January 26, 2020

La Faux Crasseuse Chateau

I've been watching a lot of Escape To The Chateau DIY and The Chateau Diaries on YouTube. 
So when Bill and I saw a Faux Chateau for sale on our walk yesterday, I had to see inside. 

I texted our Realtor and she asked if this was another spider web house
I said "Maybe???".

We met her an hour later. 
I have been dying to share the photos with you. 

I started giggling with glee as soon as we stepped into the entry way. 
It was a two story atrium with trompe l'oeil castle walls. I just love how the owner played up the balcony on the second story. 

This house is split level. To the right of three steps down was the formal living and dining. 

Large columns separated the living room from the dining room. 
A mirrored wall in the dining room reflected a chandelier that was all wrong for the house. 

We went through the dining room into the kitchen. 

Country Life Waverly red toile decorated the walls. 

There was a huge counter height island and hard wood floors.

There was a darling adjoining breakfast nook. It had toile above chair rail and stripes below. 

The powder bath had the same toile. 

The same stripes from the breakfast nook adorned the walls of the laundry. 

The laundry room was large. 

The garage was through the laundry room. I followed Bill and the realtor down some steps to the garage and out a back door from the garage. 

I giggled once again with delight. 

I have always wanted a spiral staircase. This one lead to a patio over the garage. 

We went back into the house and through the kitchen into a family room. It boasted a wonderful fire place. 

We went through the family room back out into the entry. To the left of the front door and tucked under the stairs was a oversized Hobbit door. 

There was a seperate sitting room off of the master. Through it was the bathroom.
 The master bathroom had a gigantic sunken tub. Sorry I didn't take a picture. Two of my bathtubs would fit in the space. 

There was just tons of closet space. 

Upon exiting the master, we discovered the Hobbit door was a pocket door. 
Stop it! 

There were four bedrooms and a study upstairs. There was even a secret room in the study. 

There was a lot of attention to detail when these rooms were decorated. 
I would have saved and framed a section of this floral wall paper border. 

 The wallpaper choices were what I might have chosen for the time period. I think the 90s was when this house was redecorated. The house was built in the 70s. 
Each bedroom had a different color scheme. 

 I loved it. 
Bill will not let us buy it, however. 

Did you find out what crasseuse means? 

Crasseuse is the feminine French word for filthy. 
This house was filthy. Bill thinks it was a HUD home. There was some sort of catastrophic water leak. It needs all new ceilings, there are water and other mysterious stains on the carpets. The cabinet fronts were absolutely disgusting. There have to be foundation issues as there are cracks. The wall in the breakfast nook looks like it is falling off. 
We both felt like the cedar shakes needed to come off of the back. 
They were probably originally on the Mansard roof on the front of the house which could explain all the water damage. 

The problem I have every time I enter a house, is that I can see what it once was and what it could be again. 
This house is only about 2,900 square feet but it's still more house than we need. It sits on almost a half of an acre. 

We tried to estimate how much it would cost to fix this up. 
I think about $200,000. 
It will be a great house for someone with more guts and cash than we have. 

I knew you would like to see. 
We are pretty content here after all the house hunting last summer but I just had to see this one. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Thank you so much for taking us along on the tour. What an interesting house - although it would cost a fortune to bring it to livable standards. While leaving much of the current architecture would be like living in a castle, it is a lot of house for two people. I would have phoned my realtor to see it also. It costs nothing to look.

  2. I'm so glad you showed us this, Katie. It really is a cool house, although a hefty price tag on the needed renovations. I love that toile. Yes, I agree with Pat that it's a lot of house for two, but it would indeed be fun to visit!

  3. Love how you named it. Such a shame, it has so much charachter and so many possibilities! thanks for sharing it with us, still love that red Toile paper!

  4. So much character to this house. It would be nice if someone would buy it and bring it up to date. The room sizes are fabulous and he details are fabulous. If it does not sell and they decide to demolish it I would run over there and get that fireplace surround. That was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this house with all of us.

  5. Oh my word, what a house tour! It's so sad that the house will be so costly in repair work. My favorite was the room with the white picket fence with the flowers, ladybug and bee.