Thursday, January 16, 2020

Victoria Magazine On DVD-Rom

When my youngest son was born in October of 1990, my husband brought a magazine to me while I was in the hospital. I don't know that I had time to read a magazine with a newborn, but when I did, I was hooked. 
It has long been my favorite magazine. 

A few years ago, I was on a purging binge so I recycled many of my back issues. 
I never got to the end of the project because I pretty soon regretted my choice to purge. 

This past Christmas, I was on the hunt for my favorite Christmas issue. I could not find it in the issues, I'd saved. Nor was it in the stash of torn out pages. 
 It was gone. Most of the other favorite issues were saved so this was a puzzler. 
A search on Pinterest ensued. Here is my board. One of the elusive Christmas images was found. The other two were not. 
As I dug deep into Pinterest images, I came across a blog post about the magazine.
She mentions a DVD collection covering all of the issues between the magazines inception and 2012. 
We immediately Amazon Primed it to the house. 

I have never claimed to be a computer wiz. This story below exemplifies this fact. 
The DVD-Rom collection arrived in about two weeks. 

Around the same time, I'd gotten a message that my iPhoto had had enough.
It was out of storage space. 
Since there were about 45,000 images on this platform, the platform is no longer supported by Apple and my operating system is an old one, I couldn't balk. 
My computer had 79 GB of storage left out of 500 GB. 
When the DVD-Rom came, it wasn't like a typical DVD. The Rom part is key. 
It was a computer program. It reminded me of the old floppy disks.
 When the disk was inserted, a message popped up that the box set required 150 MB of storage. 
The MB and GB is a slight detail I missed. 
I only had 79 GB left so my new "Floppy Disk" wouldn't work. 
Tip number one, don't do computer stuff at night. I began cleaning up my iPhoto and deleting images from my computer. You may have guessed I'm an image hoarder. I was able to delete 30 GB of storage. 
It took hours. There was angst. Do I need 40 images of an apple on my counter? 
I jest but not really. 
The next morning, after coffee, it dawned on me that GB and MB are two different things. 
I was able to install the disk. 
Insert eye roll now.

The magazine on the disk drive is amazing. 
There are issues that I've never seen.
I was able to find my beloved Christmas images. (Too late for this year but...)

You can look at the issues several different ways. 
There is a feature that mimics a traditional flipping of the page.
There is also a scroll down option. I will be able to bookmark favorite articles.  
My habit before computers and Pinterest was leafing through all of my issues by the month. In January, I'd look through February etc. 
I'm so excited to be able to do this again all from my comfy chair and my laptop. 
Is it the same as holding a physical magazine? No but I won't have a huge stack of magazines in my craft closet either. 
A win! 


  1. This is GREAT news. Thanks, Katie!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Thank you for lettng us know about it

  3. I'm old school - also just old - and so happy you were able to resurrect your favorite magazine. I use my computer, my tablet and my smartphone for a lot of things, but I can't yet give up the feel of a magazine in my hands. Don't know that I ever will ....

  4. It's amazing to know this is out there! I have all the issues, but I can see the benefit of this. So nice to know!

  5. I'm loving the idea while panicking. My daughters want me to ditch my magazine collection and I don't know if I can. I've been putting the best pages in page protectors, but even that is getting out of hand and it kills me to tear up the old magazines -- no matter how old. Thank you for sharing this great find. If I ever let go I will have to have one of the daughters fix me up with this!

  6. Katie, that is great! I went through my magazines and purged as well. I had taken Victoria for years. I couldn't give up many. :)

  7. What a great idea, Katie! Your beloved Victoria can be seen whenever you wish! I’m glad it all worked out.

  8. I had a subscription for Victoria since it started but 2 moves ago my husband talked/shamed me into throwing away all the early editions. I still haven't forgiven him... I may go ahead and order this and put it on his credit card, tehe.

  9. I never knew! That is wonderful that Victoria has this available on CD... wonder if any others have the same?

  10. Katie, I just stumbled on your article as I have been looking for the early years of Victoria 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and some of 1991. I have EVERY issue from then on. Some of these issues are way too expensive so I keep looking. I, too, started reading the year my daughter was born 1991. I thought of getting the dvd which is an option as well. Thank you for your article. Victoria is the gift that keeps getting unwrapped every month.