Sunday, January 12, 2020

Winter Weekend Nesting

A harrowing 45 minutes was spent in the bathtub with my laptop. The pets were ensconced in the bathroom with me. 
The storms blew through the Dallas/Fort Worth area Friday evening with a vengeance.  There was a rotation spotted to the south west of us. The storm seemed to lose some momentum as it traveled over Lake Arlington. This happens quite a bit with these storms. My house is to the east of Lake Arlington. Many times storms have lost strength as they travel over the lake. My husband was driving home in the storm but he managed to skirt around to the east and south of it. 
 Two of my children were hunkered down. One was in a closet with my brother's pets. The other was in a stairwell with his co-workers. 
As the storm left Texas, seven lost their lives.
Living in tornado alley is scary. Usually, these storms happen during spring.  
We had a few snow flurries this morning but the sun is shining this afternoon. 
My winter decor is almost transitional spring because we are having a mild winter. 

I'm using a lot of black and white. 
There are also, shall I call them, pre-spring elements? 

I have been on the hunt for a thrifted bird cage for about six months. My thrift store have a few but none that I liked. I decided to head to the craft store. Michaels had this one for $29.00. There was some percentage off but I can't remember how much. We used to have a bird cage but I got a wild hair and gave it away. They are classic and should have a constant place in our seasonal decor. 

Bird houses are the same way. I pull them in for spring and rotate them out for a bit. 

The same holds true for my terrarium. 

A few sweet cuckoo clock items are sprinkled into the mix. 
I adore the tiny birds on these. 

The pansies are blooming outside and inside.  
The sweet book is a recent antique store find. 

One of the YouTubers I watch has a generous collection of wooden wall artifacts. 
I found this one at a local antique mall. It is new. It was cream with wood showing through. 
It got two coats of paint. The top coat is homemade chalk paint. Homemade chalk paint is a game changer. (~I'm very late to that party~)

I set it on the hearth temporarily. 
I just love the diamond pattern and the gothic arch. 
I don't know where I'm going to put it but it will get a spring wreath hanging from it. 

Faux cold weather bulbs are dotted around our rooms. 
 The snowdrops in a green transferware dish are just too cute. 

The paperwhites and white tulips on the mantel have been my favorite this month. 

Crocus are the next to bloom shortly after the paper whites. 
Since I seem incapable of living in the moment, I brought our crocus pot in from the green house. 
I felt we needed some silk crocuses to add to our collection of faux bulbs. 

Joann's had some but the leaves were fat and all wrong for the flower. 
These were ordered off of eBay. 
The bulbs look real and the roots are extremely well done for fake. 
I will order from this seller again. They were here very quickly. They sent two free. 

The pie safe got new ticking stripe curtains. 
After Christmas a lot of the red needed to go on hiatus. 

Can you tell I've been nesting like crazy?
That is what I've been up to. 
Have a wonderful Sunday. 


  1. Hi Katie. I see you get this crap too (message above me). I love your touches of spring and those crocus bulbs are really pretty. Winter has barely started here (no snow, not much rain, and still sunny days but very cold) and I am so tired of it already. Glad you survived the storm. I always wonder who is involved when I hear about storms on the news as I don't really know where everybody is..Happy Sunday..Judy

  2. Hi Katie,
    Your winter decor looks very pretty. Wow those storms you are getting hit with. We got cold and snow and freezing rain out of your storm that came across and up to the north. Glad you were all ok.

  3. HI katie, Glad you and your family was safe! Love the winter touches! laura

  4. Hi Katie, I was thinking of you and the TX bloggers when I was watching the weather channel during our ice storm. They were going back and forth from Lansing and the north to you area. I'm grateful you and all you love were safe but it sounded like a grim storm. I hope the weather behaves itself when I'm in Dallas later this week/weekend. Not ready to deal with that, too!

    I love your pre-spring. I still can't get rid of Christmas and it's driving me nuts. I'll probably go to spring when it finally comes down! Hugs to you.

  5. Glad you were safe during the storms...scary! I love the fresh look in your home...and love the crocuses!

  6. I am so glad you are safe!

    I love love love your faux bulbs. I have a green thumb but a soil mold allergy to certain soil fungi so I play it safe and use faux indoors. The paperwhites on my winter home tour are faux and I just love them. I need those snow drops and crocuses! Going to check out that ebay store!

    Everything looks gorgeous around your pre-spring nest. I have taken down the greenery since the home tour and have just a few springs of evergreens mixed in now with pre-spring elements.

    Beautiful inspiration!