Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Ticking Stripe Slipcover

Since we got the new floors, I've wanted a new chair for left corner of the living room. 
I moved my recliner out to the sunroom during the floor demo. I thought it was important to have a place to escape from the destruction and construction.

Sitting out looking at the yard is delightful and I didn't want to move it back into the living room once the floors were finished. Recliners aren't cute. Our living room isn't formal by any means but the recliner was just not doing it for me aesthetically.

The hunt began for a chair. 
Bill wanted to look for a new chair for his corner of the garden room. I think he saw me snoozing away in my recliner and he got jealous! 
So a few weekends ago we went chair sitting. I say sitting because we sat in nearly every chair in a 40 mile radius. 
Not really but almost. 
Toward the end of the second day, Bill announced that the search was over. He'd found the most comfortable recliner on the planet. It was also the ugliest recliner on the planet. 
Fortunately, I was able to prevent him from whipping out his debit card until saner heads prevailed. 
That ugly recliner continues to show up on every social media venue I have. 

While he was looking at recliners, I was looking at Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, French Country, English Country chairs. 
Not a steep order at all. Am I right? 
I didn't find anything that made my heart sing.

So, I decided to slipcover our existing curved back chair from World Market. 
This chair is gold which is perfect for the fall. The rest of the year it isn't love.

I've been loving ticking stripes for years. That love ebbs and flows but it recently flowed back in the form of a curtain for our laundry room and curtains for our pie safe doors. Even though it is a blue and cream stripe, it reads gray. I consider it a neutral. It's a classic country/French country fabric. 
Hobby Lobby has the best ticking. It's thick and has the weight of vintage pillow ticking. 
They didn't have enough when I was ready to buy but ordering it was easy. 
I went into the store on a Tuesday. They had it by Friday. 
This fabric shrinks, so it was all pre-washed and dried. 
By the way, if you love Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, French Country, English Country, you need some ticking in your life.

This chair had been slipcovered before. I was in a hurry and there were issues. The fit was terrible and it was very slouchy.
This time, I wanted more tailored and finished. 
It's not an easy shape to do. That curved back was a pain the last time and this time.

All of my slipcovers are done the same way. I drape, cut and pin the fabric inside out. I sew it together one section at a time. It is time consuming. This time I started with the back, then I did the front. I added the sides and finally the seat.
The piping really needed to be done on the bias but it works.

It took several attempted to get the curve of the back and the darts correct. 
The arms were easier this time than they were the last time. 

I like it with the galvanized accessories on the mantel.
If you have followed me a while, you may remember that I've slipcovered just about every piece of furniture we have.

Bill asked, "Why do you like slipcovers so much?" (he doesn't care for them). I said it is because I am part British and the British love their slipcovered furniture.  
He's part British too. I think that answered his question for now.

The cost of the fabric was about $50.00.

It's cute!
Did Bill buy a chair? No. His search continues.


  1. I just LOVE that you sew and you can make things like this. It looks great -- so pretty and light. Well done!

  2. I'm with you, Katie. Ticking stripes are so pretty and go with so much. You are brave, in my eyes, to tackle a cover and it looks really good. I also agree with you on most recliners. I would love to get two but they will have to be very special. I don't have the room to have them so far out on the floor in order to recline. We had a couple back when we first moved here and they didn't have to come out from the wall to recline..I wish you luck if finding one..xxoJudy