Sunday, February 16, 2020

Garden Room Turned L'Orangerie

I am totally loving a few British YouTubers who live in France.
One video featured a chateau that had a charming orangerie.
An orangerie or orangery is a sunroom/garden room/conservatory of sorts. Technically, they differ in the amount of glazing on the roof and walls. Orangeries began in Italy but eventually were built by the wealthy all over Europe. They were very popular from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

For some reason, I have never done much decorating with an orange motif.
I think I've briefly had bowls of oranges around at various times but I'm just not a huge fan of the color orange. I saw this pillow at the Raz Import Warehouse Sale and it was only $5.00.
I got it on a whim, thinking that it was time to do an orange theme.

A couple of Eiffel Tower statues were sprinkled about the room.
An antique orange botanical rests in a vintage frame.

Our l'orangerie already had plants. I pulled the statue in from the garden.
We gave the angel to my mom one year for her birthday or Mother's Day. It came back to us when she died last August. One of her wings took a hit during a Tulsa winter but she is a darling.

I didn't go all out with this theme.

A bowl of dried potporri contains some orange slices.

In an opposite corner some French seed packets hang on orange gingham ribbon.

The Orangerie at the Palace of the Louvre is now home to eight huge waterlily paintings by Monet.
That Musee´ doesn't look like an orangerie anymore but the artwork is incredible. It houses works from C´ezanne, Matisse, Renoir and others.
I highly recommend a visit if you ever get to Paris. 
Nevermind - You have to go to Paris. It is amazing.

I don't have a citrus tree yet but l'orangerie was the inspiration for my late winter garden room.  
 All these plants will go back out onto the deck once the spring arrives.

That is all for now.
I hope you enjoyed this little post.


  1. Love the orange theme. It's just that perfect bright color for giving us a bounce toward Spring!

  2. Your orangerie is charming, Katie. And right now I'd like to just crawl onto that couch right now for a little nap (or maybe a read!) and enjoy it all!

  3. A nice little touch of France! l'Orangerie is one of my favorite spots in Paris. Happy Tuesday!