Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stairs Finally Going To Be Finished?

If you have been with me for a while, you will remember that we started a flooring project. 
We had the tile cracked up on July 8th. We picked out our flooring at the end of July. 
I now know that flooring is a huge part of a home's cost. 

We love our floors. 
To recap the story - they installed the floors. The stair nose was not in and was on back order. 
They completed the whole house using up all but one or two boxes of flooring materials. 
My step mother died. On the way back from her service, they called to say the stair nose was in. They came the next Wednesday. Mom had been gone less than two weeks. 
The top stair nose wasn't right and I emailed them about it the very next morning. 
During the next few weeks as we lived with the rest of the stairs, I just didn't think that they looked that good. The stair nose was a much lighter brown. It was in the same family but it wasn't as good as I felt like we paid for. 
I talked to Bill and I emailed them again. 

My SA went on vacation. In November they came out again and said, "We can do better." They ordered me more flooring planks and custom stair nose which was fabricated during the holidays. 
It took until the end of January to be finished. It took another two weeks before the crew was free to come back out. 
Now that I schedule this sort of thing, I was understanding. Other customers are in the queue as well.
They have been waiting for their floors as well. 

The stair nose that they fabricated for me was the right color but it was the wrong shape entirely and wouldn't fit under my bannisters. I will admit that I started to cry. This was getting very, very old and it reminded me of the weeks following my mom's death. 
They came back out to assess. It took another two weeks for the stair nose to come in. 
It took another week to get back on the schedule for install. This time, I think, they pushed up to the front of the queue. 

They are here today. 
I am happy to report that most of  the stair nose they sent is darker in color. It's not a perfect match but it is so much better. 
We are going stair by stair. They are about half done and will break for lunch soon. The lunch and quitting time schedule is very strict. 

 Trying to match boards to go with each stair nose. 

Here  is what it looks like and sounds like as they are working. They are trying to shave down the glue and splinters to make the new nose fit perfectly. 

I will be doing a recap post once this is all over with some advice if you ever do stairs. 
There are some things that we wish we had known. 

While they are doing that, I'm cleaning up some of my French finds from this past weekend. 
I need to take pictures but I'm embarrassed to take pictures while they are here. 

This is about as real time as it gets. 
Thanks for stopping back by. 


  1. looks like you are working hard... hard work leads to great results so happy you re getting your project done
    come see us at

  2. ha ha, my head was spinning around as you recapped your flooring timeline. and the noise... ouch. hope you're husband is taking you out to dinner tonight. It's going to look great though!

  3. My fingers are crossed for you. This had to be one of the most frustrating projects EVER, especially tied to so many other sad events. Counting down!

  4. Katie, it has been a long time coming but looks like you are satisfied now. I'm glad it is finally over for you. That all has to have been a very hard ordeal to go through..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  5. Yea for finished stairs!! It was a long haul, but worth it.