Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Our Crown Molding Project

When we bought this house, our search had been narrowed down to three. A fixer upper and another custom home. We really liked the details in the custom home but this one was more affordable. 
One of the things that I loved about the more expensive house was the crown molding. 

Our house had very few charming details. We thought we could add them. We didn't. 
 We have done a lot to this house to keep it updated but we never got around to the crown molding that we both wanted. 

 When we lost the house last summer, we decided to do some upgrades to this house. We did the floors. We bought the crown molding. I primed it. 

We started to install it late last summer. It was not going well. I had been crying all day. 
I literally stood out on the front lawn holding the molding in place while Bill tried to get the cuts right.
We kept messing up.  
Bill asked me what was wrong. I really couldn't tell him. 

At 2:00, I got a text that my step mother was near death. 
I called and talked to her one last time. 
Wisely, Bill packed up the saw rather than one of us cutting off a finger. 
She died at about 9:30 that evening. 

We got one piece up and the crown molding got pushed to the side of the garage. 

Bill got on line and figured out how to make it a one person job. I'd been fired. 
He found a jig that would hold the molding in place at the saw. He also found a tool that could hold the molding in place at the ceiling while he stood at the other end to nail it in.

The virus that shall not be named has us sheltering in place. 
While I was not yet ready to move furniture around, he needed a project. 
He was right. It took Bill two days to do the dining room and the living room. 

My job was caulking and painting. This was the first thing in two weeks that really distracted me from our current circumstances. 
50 trips up and down the ladder and it is done and my rear end is now beach body ready. Haha. 
Will we get to go to the beaches this summer? 

 It only took 27 years but we have our crown molding! 
We both love it. 

He worked on everything except the long wall in the living room. 
I had to come out of furlough for that. 

Bill did all of our floor molding. This is much harder than that but he did such a great job. 
The oops were easily disguised with caulk. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
I'll be back for Keep In Touch.