Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Easter Decorating Process

Good Morning! How are you? 
It's a beautiful sunny morning here in North Texas. There was an internal struggle going on between walking the dog or pulling out the Easter decor and decorating. The Easter decor is winning but a walk may come later today.
 2019 was a purging year. This is what it looks like after a purge. I know. I'm a self avowed collector of collections. 

I've narrowed my collection down to some of our newer things and my favorite things. 
A lot of it is vintage since I adore vintage decor. 

Nursery planters make for cute Easter decor. 
They often have a spring/baby animal motif that is perfect for this time of year. 

The sisal bunnies aren't necessarily my favorite but they are really good for tablescapes especially with my Spode Delamere. 

The vintage candy containers were a thrift store find last year. 
We still have a few newer vintage items that were from the kid's Easter baskets when they were growing up. My mother in law always gave them one filled with goodies from the better Hallmark store. We couldn't afford to shop at the Hallmark store so it was fun that Bill's mom splurged. There should have been three of each of these cute tins. I really have no idea what happened to the others. 

Our vintage postcards get tucked in here and there. Most of ours came from my grandparent's house.

The bunny teapot is technically vintage since we've had it since the very early 90s. Remember when teapot collections were all the rage? It's a favorite because it isn't too cutesy or pastelish, (Not a word, but you know what I mean.)
It has a majolica look and feel that goes well with antique majolica. 

Faux chocolate molds have been trending the last few years. I love their look but I resisted the urge to buy anymore decor. Last year I was thrilled to find an actual chocolate mold. The previous owner had used it for plaster of paris or paper clay. The remnants were still inside so it got a good cleaning. I think I should try it to see what kind of cute bunnies I could make. 

The glass baskets came from Bill's family. 

Sheep can come out at Christmas and at Easter. They are not packed with other nativity items for this reason.

We also have a few vintage Beatrix Potter figurines.
They old nursery collectables are perfect for sprinkling in around every day decor. They give a perfect touch of Easter without too much visual clutter.

I will not use all of this but laying it all out is my first step in decorating.
There is probably more here that I can purge. Not everything gets used every year. If you have followed for a while, you know that I like to tuck things in here and there rather than have a full on display. I'll pick and play with our seasonal bits until I come up with a vignette that I like. Some years rabbits will be a prominent theme. Last year I used the ducklings.
Green is a big color so the green or neutral items will be used.
My favorite items get placed first and then the lesser favorites.

That is what I'm up to today.
What are you doing?
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  1. I don't even have that much for Christmas! Goodness that looks overwhelming.

    I'm sure it will be beautiful when it's all out & arranged though. I adore the little lamb planter. I do put out my small collection of miniature lambs for spring/Easter & again at Christmas.

  2. Wowsie you have lots of cute Easter decor. I know you will have it all looking wonderful. Enjoy.

  3. I adore this, Katie! And it may be my biggest motivation to dig out the Easter! I'm a little itchy for spring, even though it will be awhile before it is spring like you have! And nothing says spring better than bunnies and chicks of any kind! Thanks for this one!

  4. Katie you have a wonderful collection of Easter decorations. i favor the vintage ones. They seem to be made with extra care.

  5. This tells me that it's definitely time to get up to the attic and release the bunnies.

  6. Katie, you have a great Easter collection. It is that time of year and a lot of fun to be had. Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  7. A beautiful mess - So much fun to see it all. Happy decorating! x Karen

  8. I think you and I are cut from the same cloth with decorations. And loving vintage ones or that look especially. You're inspiring me to really Spring clean this year and go through my things.
    Have a blessed week ahead. 😊

  9. Wow! So much cuteness! I have a couple of the same decorations

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