Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Nest Maker/Ten On The 10th

Welcome to Ten on the 10th. Where a small group of home decor and DIY bloggers share ideas under $10.00.

Last year during an antiquing jaunt, I came across a spring issue of Jeanne D'Arc Living Magazine. 
I just fell in love with the shabby Nordic decor. 
I was perusing Pinterest for pins with the same sort of feel and was inspired by a contraption used to make nests. I thought it a perfect early spring Ten on the 10th. I hope you are inspired to make a nest maker and some nests.  

It was easy to do and it works. It was also way under the $10.00 required for this challenge. 
We had the perfect square scrap of wood. It's about 4.5 inches square.

Bill's antique protractor came in handy for this project. 
Of course, it made a perfect circle.
I felt like I was back in school.

Eight holes were drilled around the circle. I chose a drill bit a tad bigger than the nails I had.

I had some 16 penny bright steel smooth shank common nails. They call them 16 penny nails because you could get a 100 of them for 16 pennies. One pound equaled 48 nails. A box of 48 nails today costs about $4.25 or about 9 cents a piece.
 Most of these nails slipped right into the holes.
A few needed to be tapped in with a hammer. 

Bill says it looks like some sort of torture device. He's worried that I'm going to put it under his pillow. :)
I would never!

A forage in the yard yielded some perfect nesting material. 

Honeysuckle vines were woven in an out around the nails in a circle. Be careful to get around alternating nails with each pass.  

I decided to weave some of the Honeysuckle back and forth across the bottom of the nest. I wove it back and forth through the different layers of wall.

The dried sweet pea vines were perfect for this. They came next. My bewick wrens love the sweet pea vines for their nests too.
 At this point, I used a few pieces of wire to reinforce the walls of the nest.  

A bag of mixed moss adds a whimsical forest floor feel. It is such a woodsy element characteristic of spring Nordic decor.
A mix bag of moss was $3.29 at Joann's but a little goes a long way. 

Finally, some sweet faux flowers and a faux robin's egg were hot glued onto the nest. 

Nests are such a sweet, romantic and precious decorating motif.

The great thing about the nest builder is that it is reusable. The nest slipped right off of the nails. 
This would be such a great thing for crafters that resell their items.

I adore nests. They are one of my favorite spring decorating elements. 
They are lovely at Christmas too.

There you have it.
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  1. What a clever project and perfect for spring! I love the mixture of natural elements you used and it makes a perfect eyecatcher on your mantle!

  2. This is a great item to have. Everyone loves a nest decor for their Easter homes. Great tutorial as well Katie. Pinning to make me one. Thanks for hosting and sharing this fun hop!

  3. Katie, that looks so realistic. You make the little birdies proud. Great idea..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  4. This is a great idea, Katie -- and it looks terrific!

  5. I absolutely love this, Katie. We have so many different kinds of vines around here - I can't wait to make one!

  6. What a fun project...thanks for sharing! Your nest is adorable, Katie!

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  8. Katie, that looks so realistic. You make the little birdies proud. Great idea..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy
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