Saturday, March 14, 2020

My Love For Old Crocks/VAFR Blog Hop

Welcome to the brand new Vintage, Antique, Farmhouse, Repurposed Blog Hop. 
Thank you, Cindy for putting this new series together. What a fun hop. 
I'm happy you are here. 
If you are coming from Le Cultivateur welcome. I just adore Emily's vintage decorating style. 

When we closed up my grandparent's house in 1987, my brother brought me some stoneware crocks. 
Pickling crocks or fermentation crocks were commonly used for food storage. 

I can't imagine using them that way now but they have been a staple in our outdoor decor.
The country look was all the rage back in 1987 so these fit right in. They are still a standard in farmhouse decor. 
I've used them for flower pots and porch decor. 
They shine the brightest on the Fourth of July. 

I loved them but I took them for granted since they had been around for so long. Two years ago I started seeing more and more crocks on display inside the house. 
I tromped out into the yard, grabbed a number 2 and removed a 35 year old autumn joy sedum. 
I cleaned it up and brought it inside. 
It's held a Christmas tree and other seasonal flowers. Currently it holds a faux boxwood topiary. 

I love this crock.
The autumn joy sedum is doing much better in a regular flower pot. 

The blue transfer on these is amazing. 

We have a smaller one that we use for flowers. 

I just love the rusty clasp. 

But what if you cannot get your hands on an old one? 

I found this beautiful new crock last Christmas at an Westlake's Ace Hardware. 

This is made by Burley Pottery in Roseville, Ohio. The bird symbolizes the return to clay making in spring at around the same time that the bluebirds return. I love this sweet story and motif. 

This vintage cutie is part of a canister set by Pfaltzgraff. 
It was part of the Yorktown Collection. You can find at set on eBay.  

There you have it. 
Be sure to visit my friend Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces. She is a collector after my own heart. 
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  1. Katie,

    You have a wonderful collection! The stamps on them are different and pretty. Love how you display them through your home.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Your collection is lovely, Katie...I especially love the one with the bird decoration! I love how you use them all around the house! A fun hop!

  3. Katie all your crockery is so beautiful🙌🏻

  4. I cannot imagine using crocks like they used to way back then. I'm sooooo glad I was born in the age of refrigeration, electricity and microwaves! Ugh, I seriously cannot even without all that. Love your collection! Thanks so much for joining in. I know these are going to be great hops! Pinned :)

  5. I never knew there were so many different kinds of crocks Katie! I love all the different signature marks yours have. They're all super unique. I'm definitely going to be on the hunt now for more. Hugs and happy weekend, CoCo

  6. Vintage crocks are the best. Love your collection. This is fun to see how all of you use your crocks in your decor. Happy Weekend.

  7. I love your crocks. And your post has me wondering why my hoarding grandparents had no crocks to pass on.

  8. Love your crocks! I can't figure out why my big crock molded and cracked when I had it out on my covered porch all year. I have seen people using them on porches for years.

    I love the #2 crock you have moved inside by the fireplace. I have a large crock with a crown that I didn't have time to include in my post but it will probably show up on my spring home tour. I really would love to move it to my porch but after losing my other crock I am wary.

    I am loving that painting on your stair landing too. That is the first time I have seen it.

    Everything looks beautiful!

  9. Crocks are very versatile and you have a wonderful collection! I love the various ways you have put them to use. Very nice, as always, Katie!

  10. Katie,
    What a gorgeous collection of crocks and stoneware. I love each and every way that you've displayed them in your home. That pinstripe chair is so pretty!!

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