Thursday, March 12, 2020

Green Bedding In The Master

Our last bedding set was gray. 
Toward the end of the winter, I was a little tired of it and began to think about what to get next. 
We'd had white for a while. We even had a brief stint with Navy blue. 
A shade of green had been flittering through my head. 
I'd begun the search for a green quilted coverlet. Bill and I don't have comforters. It's too hot in Texas for a comforter, even in winter.  

A trip to my aunt's house sealed the deal. 
Aunt Susan's house was always a safe place for us growing up. She has since sold that house but her new house has the same warmth and welcoming feel. She had some wonderful greens. 

All of my favorite stores didn't have the green coverlet I had in mind.  
So, I found one on eBay. It is Threshold brand which is from Target. It was brand new. 
It arrived and the hunt began for pillows to go with it. 

Our Pottery Barn outlet had some greens to go with the coverlet. 
I picked up some pillow covers and a throw. 
They had a darling pieced pillow sham. It had the green but it also had some fun pinks and khaki. 
It was too big to be used as a throw pillow. 

I took it apart so that I could make it smaller. 

There was a perfect khaki velvet sample in my stash that I could use for the back. 

A French tapestry was made into a small square pillow. 
Another needlepoint pillow that hasn't been on display in about 20 years was taken apart so that I could use this sweet little remnant of fabric for the back. It has a very French feel. I'm not sure if it is or not. 
I have enough left for a wee little heart. I did a little knife edge trim instead of piping. 

I ordered a finished needlepoint seat cover for another pillow. 

The seller accidentally sent a second before she and I could figure out what was going on. I'm trying to pay for the second as it's too pretty to send back. 
I found fabric to coordinate with it today. 

Bill got a new nightstand on our trip a few weeks ago. 

The panel on the door goes so well with the front panel of our bed. 

The nightstand is antique. The bed is 10 years old.
They are a perfect match. 

That is all for now. 
I hope that you are well. 
I am reminded everyday that God is never surprised. There is nothing new under the sun. 
I need to have faith without fear. 
Be blessed. 
Be strong. 
Have a good evening. 


  1. Love that soft shade of green, it's perfect in your bedroom. Your pillow cover from PB matches the new quilt I bought a few weeks ago. I just ordered two of the shams you grabbed at the outlet. I sure wish we had a PB outlet close to us. I'm sure you got a great bargain. looks so pretty as a throw pillow.

  2. Love how you pieced everything together from old and new. Have to reconsider green now!

  3. I love your new coverlet and the pillows are fabulous! Well done, Katie -- a lovely, restful room.

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