Friday, April 24, 2020

Master Bath Wear And Tear After 7 Years

Good Morning!
Happy Friday? Does it feel like a Friday or do the days just blend together?
 I gave the bathroom a spring refresh and deep clean. I'm taking this time during shelter in place to really clean the house.
What color do you see when you look at this picture?
This is supposed to be a gray by Sherwin Williams but as is typical with grays, it reads differently to me.

When I look at these walls, I see blue.
Last summer I decided to embrace the blue. Blue and White Buffalo check valances and blue accessories were added to the space. 

The other day, the urge to paint swept over me. A trip to the garage yielded no paint cans suitable for the room. A visit to the Sherwin William's website fueled my urge to paint. In the end, clicking and picking up without seeing paint chips in person seemed like a very bad idea. This room is a bear to paint. There is so much cutting in that it takes hours and hours.  I need to be absolutely certain of the color for this room before lifting a brush.
Since less blue was the goal, every ounce of blue was removed.
White milk glass replaced blue and white pitchers.

The little L'Occitane hotel soap in the little antique box is so sweet.
Flowers from the yard grace gifted and thrifted vases.
The silver platter was also a thrifted find a long while ago. It was $7.00.

The blue and white valances was switched out for some white Battenburg lace.
 I got these at Walmart several years ago.

A reproduction French soap dish from Judith's French Country Christmas Event hangs on the wall next to a vintage linen towel.

Years ago, after reading one of  Rachel Ashwell's books, I began using all white bath mats.
I've stuck to that over the years. They can end up in any of the bathrooms and still look good.

 The little table is from IKEA.

We still love the vanities.

The black granite shows hard water pretty badly over time but it does clean up with CLR.
The fronts of our vanities have dings. I'm not sure what to do about that. I'll let you know if I come up with a solution.

The faucets are amazing. They look as good today as they did 7 years ago.
Before the shut down, I'd planned on getting new mirrors and new shades for the light fixtures.
By this point in the remodel, we were feeling less spendy so we went with less expensive options.
Bill's mirror has some damage. I'd love an all glass Venetian style mirror but who knows when I'll get to get out of this house. My Pottery Barn Outlet had some good mirror options but I didn't have the measurements with me at the time.

More milk glass holds some bathroom-y things.
I love decorating my niches. Bill prefers that I leave his side alone.
Can you relate?

I told you about the shower a few months ago.
There is a very fine crack that runs all along under the niche and temperature control valve.

I found an old picture of the construction. It's exactly where the two pieces of backer board meet.
We are just sick about this.

Bill was about ready to address it. After dealing with the flooring people for six months, I was not. However, Covid 19 took care of that issue for the time being.
There are no repair men coming into the house right now.
All in all the bathroom looks pretty good.
It needs some paint touch ups.
The window boxes seem to shift so there is some joint compound work to be done before painting.
Bill is using the shower and we have had no problems with mildew. I feel the crack is just cosmetic instead of a sealing issue. We could always hit it with silicone if there was a mildew problem.

That's all for now. It does read more gray with all the blue removed.
Painting is on hold for now. Whew!
Have a wonderful day and stay well.
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  1. I think I went thru a million colors of gray paint here, trying to stay away from blue and lavender undertones. I wanted a warm gray but they are hard to come by. I love the lacy curtains and white accessories, and that silver tray is gorgeous! Have a great weekend. All my days are running together!

  2. They both look gray to me, just darker and lighter. But either way, I love it. It's a lovely bathroom, quite big and it looks terrific. Love the soap and soap dish. Ah, Occitane!

  3. Looks really fresh and pretty Katie. Love the white valances and the tray. Very pretty. Love that claw tub. Happy Friday have a good weekend.

  4. Your bathroom is so pretty! I'm crazy about that silver tray. All your decor looks perfect together.