Monday, April 27, 2020

Victory Gardening

I decided early on this in current situation that I could manage without a few things but I could not do spring without flowers. 

Spring is here in Texas but it almost feels like summer. My last iris finished blooming last week. 

My oak leaf hydrangea is in bloom.

A few weeks ago, a new cutting garden bed was created when I ripped out all the Asian Jasmine. 

Cosmos and zinnia seeds were sprinkled into the soil. They were ordered from Amazon during the first week of the shut down. A quick trip to Callaway's yielded what I thought was the rest of my planting happiness. 

Callaway's has stayed open, so I have made a few trips to pick up seeds, annuals and perennials. 

I try to head over as soon as they open. Some customers are in masks. Very few of them wear gloves. I wear both and avoid getting closer than six feet to anyone. 

Most of the beds in our yard were ground cover and shrubs. Other than leaf clean out and occasional weeding they needed very little maintenance. I have slowly been pulling that stuff and out and replacing everything with flowering plants or plants with more interest. 
I'm trying seeds and perennials but fill with with seasonal color.

I adore foraging in the yard for flowers and greenery to create arrangements for the house. 

Years ago, my roses reverted to root stock. I had less and less full sun as the trees matured. 
I gave up on roses except for a miniature rose and my climbers. The climbers only bloom in April. The miniature tea roses bloom in the spring with a big show and then only sporadically through the rest of the growing season. 
Four more bushes have been added to those. That should keep me in roses, I hope. 

We have some lettuce and tomatoes started in our smaller stock tank.  

They have both doubled in size. 

I have cucumbers in a whiskey barrel. Bill got this for me for our anniversary.

The fountain is up and running after a few frustrating false starts. 

I love the sound of water in the garden.
If our warm weather holds, we will put the stock tank swimming pool up.

That is about it for now.
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  1. Love seeing all the pretty color in your yard. I know your swimming pool will help when it gets really hot this summer. Happy New Week.

  2. Wow, the leaves on your hydrangea! I guess I've never seen that species before. That's nice you have your choice of flowers to make arrangements in your home.

  3. Wow this is inspiring. I live in Texas as well and didn't realize gardening like this was possible. This is beautiful!! With an infant in the house, this was not the spring to garden since I can hardly keep up with keeping him fed, much less watering a garden in the Texas heat, but hopefully I can plan and prepare for either the fall or next spring

  4. I'm having trouble without flowers this year. And of course it's still too early. At least now we are seeing forsythia, daffs and hyacinths. I picked a few hyacinths from Rick's yard -- a spot no one sees -- and they are most cheery! Well, soon. Your space looks wonderful, Katie. I love it!