Sunday, June 21, 2020

Some Faux Vintage Look Sparkler Boxes

Last summer, we were preparing to put our house on the market, so I didn't decorate for the 4th of July.
It has been fun to pull out my tote of Patriotic decor and sprinkle some decor around the main living areas. 

If you have been around a while, you know I'm a huge fan of vintage graphics. 
My friend, Amber of Follow The Yellow Brick Home had an adorable 4th of July tablescape last year. On the table were some packages of sparklers. 
I decided to see if I could make some cute vintage-y looking sparkler packages since I have no idea where to find a fireworks stand.

I found some graphics and printed them. They were sized to fit on some lath pieces that we had in the garage. 

I painted the back and sides of the lath with a rusty red and a fun green. Once that was dry, I Mod Podged the prints onto the lath strips. 
I just love these.

The muted reds look really good with my pink transferware pitchers and tea cups.
The pitchers are Vista by Mason's.
The gravy boat is Old Britain Castles by Johnson Bros.

It was so much fun that I decided to see if I could find firecracker graphics.
 A lot of those vintage packages were not red, white and blue.
It took some digging but I found something.
I Mod Podged it on a small piece of planking.

I used to love lighting sparklers when I was a kid. These packages remind me of happy times walking over to the high school across the street and watching fireworks from our picnic blanket. We'd light sparklers trying to recreate those fireworks shows.
As a parent, sparklers has been a fail. We tried it when my children were small but my daughter got burned and we never did it again.

Do you have fond memories of the 4th of July?
It's not too late to do a little patriotic decorating. Why don't you make some of these for yourself?
So much fun.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you are well.
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  1. This is the cutest 4th of July project that I've seen this year. I would love to make a few of these! Is there any way you can share your graphics?

  2. These are just darling! We never do anything for July 4 but if I did, I'd do this1

  3. Great job Katie, love the graphics. I would enjoy the graphics too. You gave me the drive to do some searching.


  4. This is so cute Katie. I cannot believe we are almost to the 4th of July. In the midwest we always mark the 4th of July as the summer being half over. I cannot believe how fast the summer months are going. Have a great week.

  5. this is such a fun idea and you are so smart to have thought of it. We loved sparklers when I was a kid, and our kids too. We do have some harrowing tales of fireworks gone wrong though. glad we live in the city now where it's illegal. Our last house was in the county and our neighborhood was overrun with teenagers being wild and crazy. big mess, I'm too nervous about fires to appreciate the excitement.

  6. Katie!!Just the other day, Joe was going through things in our storage room and pulled out a box of wood pieces and shims and said "DO YOU STILL WANT THESE???" I said "YES!! DO NOT THROW THOSE AWAY!!" And he said "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM???" Now i know!! Thanks so much for the inspiration, my friend!!

  7. Yes, I'd like the graphics, too, please. Very cute!

  8. What a beautiful, vintage style patriotic vignette! I always love your displays and didn't realize one of my all time patriotic favorite pins is one with your Charlotte doll on a white shelf! <3 Thank you for sharing....if you share the graphic, I too, would like to know where you found them. Thank you and have a wonderful week!
    Tee @ Teedidddlydee

  9. Your vignette is so sweet! I love it. I have always wanted sparkler boxes! They are illegal here so faux ones would be perfect. I hope you decide to share the graphics. Happy 4Th of July.
    xo Lisa S

  10. So creative! great job coming up with these vintage sparklers. Looks so great on your table. What a great DIY for 4th of July!
    Meagan Trento-Decorative Inspirations