Thursday, July 30, 2020

New Counter In The Laundry Room

Hi Friends,
How are you doing?
It's time to share a laundry room update.

When we got our front load washer and dryer a few years ago, a countertop for them was on my wish list.
In the meantime, I put a drop cloth over the top of them to keep stuff from falling in between the machines.
Really, I kept a drop cloth on them so Bill's socks wouldn't get lost but they still manage to disappear quite frequently. It's the strangest thing.

Bill and I have accomplished a lot during this season of staying close to home.
A few weeks ago, Bill asked me what I wanted in a countertop.
I went to Pinterest and started looking.
I saw one from Dear Lillie Studio. 
We tried a 2 x10, like the inspiration photo, but I didn't like the thickness. Bill grabbed some samples from the garage for us to try out. We decided on a 1 inch thickness. Bill joined several of them together with his biscuit joiner. Once they were clamped and dry, I began sanding them.

Bill sanded some more because I hate sanding.

I stained the top. It is one coat Provincial and one coat Honey both by Minwax. That was purely by accident because I grabbed the wrong can for the second coat.

 The top was finished with Verathane Oil Based Ultimate Spar Urethane. It dried overnight.
When I looked at it the next morning the top had dried weird. It looked like it had bubbled up in places. I sanded that off and then I put that can of finish in the environmental recycling pile.
That's the second time that stuff has bubbled so I'll never use it again.
 The final coat was done in Waterbased Minwax Polycrylic.
It's the top coat that we like the best.

I decided to paint the side instead of staining it.
L brackets join the two pieces together.

There is a little desk next to the washer and dryer. This is where we put the cat food so the dog doesn't eat it.

We keep dish towels in locker baskets on the shelf.

Since my kitchen accent color is ever changing, we have dish towels in a myriad of colors.

The Victorian frame is an antique store find. It was only $5.00. I think the print came from Graphic's Fairy.
My daughter's embroidery skills are exceptional. She made the "That's darling" sign.

The shelves sport cute bits of decor and my Ball jar collection.

I switched out ugly utilitarian brackets for some cute ones from Hobby Lobby.
 I just love them.

The vintage iron still works. This one gets used for small sewing jobs since the good iron is upstairs.

 My little vintage sleeve ironing board still has its original paint.
I made a new cover for it out of drop cloth material. It was a fun thrift store find.
The shelf with the curtain covers our plumbing connections since they are an absolute eyesore.

The wall sconce was a thrifted find. The flower bucket and faux tap is from the Raz Import Warehouse Sale. It was canceled this year due to Covid 19. Boo.

Our washer and dryer were in a double door closet in our second house and I do not recommend that set up.
The laundry room at our third house was huge but it was dark. I had three kids under age 7 so there was always a mountain of laundry on the floor.
That laundry room didn't have a chance to live its best life. It had a sink which I loved.
If you have made it this far, I'll treat you to a story.
I was pregnant with our first child and living in our first house. On a hot summer day, very pregnant and in only a sundress and some panties, I went out to move something from the washer to the dryer. The machines were in the garage. It was a 40s or 50s house so there was no access to the garage from the house. We had to go out the front door and down some steps to get to them. It was easy to slip in and out without being seen by the neighbors. Unfortunately, upon reentering the house, I discovered that I'd locked myself out so I went to one of the neighbors to call Bill. So much for un-detection.
His bank was not that far away but he was busy so he sent his boss with the key instead.
I was mortified!
Taught me to never leave the house barefoot and pregnant.
I eventually forgave Bill-maybe.

This laundry room isn't large but it works and it's bright and cheerful. We have lived in six houses total. We've owned four of them. This house has my favorite laundry room. I love having a window that looks out onto the street.
Bill calls me Mrs. Kravitz.
That's all for now.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate all of you.

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  1. Your countertop turned out so pretty. The woodgrain is gorgeous, you did a great job staining it. I love and admire your laundry room that's so wonderfully vintage and functional. When we got our new washer and dryer we used an old door for a counter top. The previous people had used it and it's surprisingly functional, plus it's a chippy white. Love the barefoot and pregnant story. I think many of us have one of those "underdressed" moments!

  2. I love your laundry room! The warmth of the wood goes so well with all your vintage pieces. It's just so charming. I have an iron like yours that belonged to my grandmother. Don't you love the black and white cord? You and Bill did a great job. I love your sense of humor!

  3. Your laundry room table turned out great. So many cute pieces in your the room and the stain is pretty.

    Another great job!


  4. Very practical and cozy. I like your white vintage chair)))

  5. That is the cutest laundry room in all the land! I would look for reasons to do laundry in there! Our laundry room is dark and boring and feel a redo coming on. Great job on the wood piece too. I think it adds the perfect amount of warmth. I know I tell you this all the time but your home is adorable and needs to be in a magazine! You could always have a fall or Christmas tour. You could sell tickets and pay for Christmas! Just a thought. :) Looking forward to when the Texas gals can get back together.

  6. I forgot to mention. The laundry room is out in the shed at the house in Navasota. Forever more I will think of you barefoot and pregnant while going to do our laundry! LOL!

  7. You have the prettiest laundry room! You and Bill did a great job on that countertop.