Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Office/Craft Closet Refresh

We have a little closet in the corner of the living room. 

Bless it's heart. The living room is such an odd room. 
The closet shares a wall with the closet in the downstairs bedroom.
 Bill uses that room as his office which is why you rarely see it. 
I rarely see it. 
There is always important bank stuff going on in there. 

The odd corner by the window could have been a wet bar according to the house plans. Thank heavens we did not have that. We had a piano there for years but Bill said the the piano had to go. 
It did. 

The closet was a fabulous place to put toys and games when we had small children in the house. 
When our oldest became a teenager and he needed his own room, Bill gave up the office and he turned the little living room closet into his office. 
He reworked the shelves and put in a little built in desk.  
This is the only picture that I have of the desk top. 

When the kids moved out, he got to move his office back into the downstairs bedroom. 
I inherited the little closet. 
I painted part of it Tiffany blue about 6 years ago. I didn't have enough paint to do the whole room so two of the walls and under the desk were still white. 
I never sat at the desk. It became a catchall for anything that I wanted to hide away. 
Bill kept the closet neat and tidy. 
Katie does not. 

 I'm a slob. 
When we were given the mantel, my sister's old desk got moved out of my room. 
I didn't want to give it away but we didn't have room for it either. 
 I realized that it could fit in the closet. The built-in desk came out easily.
The new desk doesn't fit like the old desk so the incomplete Tiffany Blue paint job became obvious. 

Now, it's not that big of a deal. The only person to see the closet is me. 
Bill refuses to open the door for fear that something will fall on him. 

I had to paint it anyway. 
This may not make any sense to anyone but I used the color that I'm sick of from my bathroom. 
I knew that the days were numbered for the color in my bathroom. I had almost a whole can of it left. It's a small space. I'm not in there often. Maybe, it will look gray like it's supposed to.
 The color is Gray Screen by Sherwin Williams. It reads blue not gray.
I still see blue but it doesn't bother me. 
In addition to storage, I wanted this space to be inspiring. 
I pulled in some pretty and romantic accessories. 
The paint was barely dry before I started hanging art. 

I don't craft in there. I usually craft at the dining room table or the kitchen island but it is a great place for crafting supplies.  
I will sew in there. 

 Hopefully, things will stay more organized. 
Somehow, I doubt it. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 

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  1. Your craft closet is inspiring me to finish up my storage room. How great that you can actually sew in there. I hate having to drag out the machine and leave a mess. Love that Hitchcock chair!

  2. I just moved into an apartment and took over the guest room closet for small craft storage, boxes of fabric and a small sewing desk. Everything has worked out absolutely perfectly and I'm thrilled. It's wonderful to be organized and I can almost find something when I need it, lol.

  3. You have Hitchcock chairs! I adore Hitchcock -- my chairs are that, one of my hutches and little dry sink. When I was a kid my bedroom furniture was Hitchcock and I wish I still had it. I love what you did with the closet. I know what you mean about working on the dining table or counter but you have to have a nearby spot for your stuff. And if you leave that door open, everyone will still love it! Well done!