Thursday, October 8, 2020

Light Fixtures For The Country House

My husband thinks we are going to close next Friday on the house in East Texas. 
I hope so. 
My goal this week has been to update some light fixtures. 
The great thing about light fixtures and lamps is that there are basic shapes. Many times all that needs to be changed is the finish and the shade. 
I assessed the lamps in the upstair's decor closet. I keep comforters, pillows, throws, lamps and pictures in my son's closet upstairs. I love lamps so I had a small stash. I did a lamp purge a few years ago, but I kept the lamps with a classic candle stick shape. 

Some of them got spray painted with flat black spray paint. 

I took off the chalk paint from a thrifted lamp that we have had for a while. It has a copper and gold finish. 

They are updated and ready to go with new shades from Walmart. 

The one above went from white to clean and crisp flat black. The barrel shade makes it. 
It's my favorite of the bunch. 
I was trying to thrift as much as I can for this house. There are some things you just can't thrift that easily. None of my thrift stores had good lamp shades. It's worth to have all new clean and pristine shades with no stains or dents. 
Once the lamps were ready to go, I moved on to chandeliers and light fixtures. 
The ReStore had a sale on them. 

I got five of them and few copper knick knacks for only $39.00. 
Proceeds go to Habitat For Humanity which is great cause. I will return. 

My favorite of the bunch is a vintage brass mini chandelier that had been painted black. I almost didn't see it under all the black. 

I stripped off the cord cover and removed the crystals and candle covers. 

I painted it with paint remover. 
Once it had time to start working, I spent a few fun hours brushing it off black and the white that was under that. 
I ended up using an old antique ice pick to get it out of the detailing. 

It needs new candle socket covers but it looks fantastic. I adore these old brass chandeliers. Many call them Victorian but they are mid-century French Provincial or Hollywood Regency. It was $6.00. I think you either love these or hate these. I love them.

This next piece was $5.00. 

We have nothing like it so it will be fun. It needed a chain and a way to clip the chain. I had a brass ring thing for the top. Initially, I was going to spray paint that black but the brass looks really good with the black. 

Brass and black light fixtures were all over the Lamp's Plus website. I think I may do a brass chain with a special detail that I found in our lamp part stash. 

This wood and black four arm chandelier needs a chain, a new wire, and a paint job of some kind. It was $7.50. I saw some on Pinterest in a similar shape but with an updated finish. The wood was bleached and the arms were white. 
I'm not sure where it will go. Location will determine the finish. 

This barn style fixture was only $5.00. It might stay like it is but it might get black finish with white inside. I'm not sure yet. It may go in front of the guest house. 

I got this oil rubbed bronze fixture for above the dining table. 
I say oil rubbed bronze but I think it was black and then someone sponged brown paint onto it. 
I'm not judging because it sounds like something I would do. 
It needs candle socket covers and really good cleaning. It was supposed be $15.00 but she only charged me $7.50. It's just a simple, classic shape. I think it will serve us well in the dining area. 

There is more to figure out. There are some "boob" light fixtures in a couple of spots. They've got to go.
There are ceiling fans but the house feels like it has low ceilings so Bill thinks those may need to come down. We'll see. There are two white ceiling fans. There is another one that has palm branch blades which is a no for me unless I lived at the beach. (Still a no probably.) :0
The living room ceiling fan is brushed nickel. The glass globes don't seem right on it but it was hard to tell from the pictures. There is something uncomfortable about the lighting in the living room. The ceiling fan with a low ceiling might be why. They used semi gloss on the ceilings which could also contribute to the feeling that something is off. 
I just need to get in the house when it is empty and start from scratch. 
That is what I'm up to. 
I hope you are well. 
That is all for now. 


  1. The "Victorian" Hollywood Regency lights are my favorites! I have one large chandy in my hallway upstairs and a smaller one that I am going to put in my mud entry as soon as the kitchen reno is over and we move on to that area. I actually just keep the smaller one sitting out in the music room in vignettes because I just love looking at it. I can't believe how you well you removed all that paint! Looks great!

  2. love all the lamp makeovers, and I love all the energy you're putting to this. It's going to be fun. Speaking of semi gloss ceilings, that's what we had here and it gave me the willies. The ceilings were the first thing we did. can't believe you got all that paint off that adorable little chandy!

  3. You're amazing. I have no idea how I would even begin to manage a new chandelier, which is why I still have some of the same dated fixtures I've had forever, both home and at the cottage. The lamps look great!

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