Monday, October 12, 2020

Prepping For The Country House

Hi, Friends, 
It's been a productive weekend prepping for the purchase of the country house. 
Bill was on bench duty. 

We found this in the trash on our way home from the pharmacy. It never would have remained until trash day but we happened upon it just minutes after it was put out. We had to turn around which bumped us down to the second people on the scene. A white bench was already being loaded in a sedan. It's a good thing it was a sedan or else the guy probably would have taken both benches. We also got some flower pots and a decorative iron piece. 
One of the boards on the bench seat was cracked. Bill decided to replace them all with oak that he bought from a guy that owns a mill. The side pieces were painted with Rust -Oleum Satin Black. 
The oak was stained with Minwax Weathered Oak and sealed with Polycrylic. 
The new house has a good sized covered front porch so the bench will be protected from the elements. 
I can't wait to see it in place. It's a remarkable transformation. 

Here is the before: 

His next task was an antique Jenny Lind youth bed or day bed. 

We used to have this in the garden room but when we got something a little sturdier, I took it apart and I put the back and the sides pieces in the attic. The boards from the seat were used for something else.
This came from my grandparent's lake cottage in Wisconsin. Somehow they were able to convert it into a bed when we were visiting. It's where I slept when I was little. 
I knew that it needed some improvement if it were to be put into use again. It was too low so it needed some new feet to raise it up a little but I didn't think that new feet would support it enough. We pulled it down from the attic so we could have a consult about what it needed. 
 We chose some feet. Bill decided to build a brand new base that would support all the weight. Basically, the sides and back are decorative. The whole thing has been rebuilt. 

I need to stain the new woods so that it will match the old and I've ordered some canvas fabric to make some cushions. It will go on the screened in porch. 
While he worked on those, I finished up some chandeliers. 
I also went though the kitchen here collecting things that can go to the country. 
We both feel that the house wants to be decorated with greens. 
I don't know if that makes any sense, but we both thought green is the color it needs. 
The front door is already hunter green but that didn't stand out as noticeable both times we looked at the house so I don't think that is what is influencing this choice. Green is Bill's favorite color. 
The other house was calling for blue and white - after it was completely rebuilt. Haha. 

I'll be using a 40's inspired "jadite" color in the kitchen. I'm in love with copper lately and it looks so good with it. I found the copper pot at a garage sale last Friday. The platter was only $1.00 at another sale on the same street.  
The copper mold was at the restore for $2.00.  

It's all about art today. 
I found the painting below last Friday at the same sale as the copper tea kettle. I just adore it. It was $10.00. 

Most of these have been on display in our home but haven't been recently. 
I've thrifted some cute paintings over the years. These will have a lodge look but we aren't decorating that way. 

Bill picked up some live edge mesquite last time he visited his guy at the mill. 

The house needs a charcuterie board so he cut it. I sanded it, and added feet, 

and oiled it with butcher block oil. 

It was so easy and fun to make. 

We were supposed to close on Friday. Our realtor has only had two houses close on time this year so we are not overly optimistic that it will happen on time.
We're still waiting on the survey to come in but everything else is ready to go. 
That is all for now! 


  1. Katie, Bless your sweet young heart for saving old things to bring back to life. I love the bench look. Great job on the bed too. Good luck in your new home. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Katie, I'm enjoying following you along on this journey. It's so interesting to read about the treasures that you are finding and your shopping excursions among your own possessions! Good luck with the closing!

  3. wow, that bench doesn't even look like the same piece. You guys have been so busy and creative. I really love that daybed and it will be perfect for your screened porch. I know you're having tons of fun along with the hard work. I love seeing your progress!

  4. Hiw fun this journey is to follow. Hope you don't have to wait to long to close.


  5. You found some wonderful pieces at the thrift stores--I've always adored copper accents and the color green and I love the cabin painting.

  6. Oh my gosh, so many wonderful things you’ve found!! You two are the best team!

  7. You guys take my breath away -- you're such a fabulous team. And it all looks so very beautiful. (Can't believe that bench was on the curb!). I'm a copper person too and I also love the needlepoint pumpkin. In fact, I love every single photo here. Bravo.

  8. Fun finds! I'm impressed at all you two get accomplished. Kudos!