Thursday, October 22, 2020

Our Fall Shed, Deck And Garden Updates

Hi, Friends, 
I haven't forgotten about fall decor in all the excitement of the new house. 
The dog and I are headed out to the house in the morning. Until we name it, I'm calling it "the house". The suburban house will be called home. At some point, I hope that the house in the country will feel like our home away from home but that may take a while. Bill and I are having trouble naming it. 

Earlier this fall, I cleaned out the shed after a long spring and summer gardening season. 
It needed a good cleaning. We both love the new fresh white paint

Once it was clean, it needed a touch of fall decor. 

I changed the look of the seed box simply by bringing fall types of seeds to the top. 

A scarecrow keeps watch on the other end of the counter. 

A cute desk from my former classroom was brought out here. 
Originally is was out here until it went to the new house but it might stay here. 
It's a good surface for dropping gloves or tools during the growing season. 
Some faux pumpkins that weren't being used in the house spruce up a corner of the desk. 

The black and white pillows on the deck loveseat got a pop of orange with a velveteen pillow. 

A buffalo check runner from Hobby Lobby covers the tile table. 

Drop cloth curtains were a life saver this summer. It was so hot in the late afternoon. 

A Walmart red truck from last fall got a makeover with green paint. It is much more my style now. 

We have a long growing season here in North Texas. 
I've planted some lettuce, broccoli and kale in my containers. I can easily cover these if we get a freeze. 

A few sprigs on new cucumbers have grown from cucumbers that fell into the whiskey barrel. 

We've had some fresh green beans out in the realm. They are delicious. 

I finally grew a pumpkin. This grew from one of the pumpkins we threw over the fence last year. 
I've gotten plenty of pumpkin vine over the years but this is the first time we've gotten a pumpkin. 
It's a little late but it's brought me such joy. 
Last Christmas I bought a little $4.99 poinsettia. 
It was still alive in March so I plopped it in the ground. 
It has quadrupled in size since then. I dug it up and now it is in a dark closet. 
Hopefully the leaves are going to turn red. 
I'll show it to you if it works.

My morning glories were such a success. I've never grown them before. 
My spider lilies were also beautiful and fun this year. 

That's about it for now. 
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are well.
I'll pop in with updates from the new house. There is no internet out there yet so I'll catch up with you when we get home. 


  1. Love the shed, it's so clean and organized with that great white paint. Your covered patio area looks so inviting and the buffalo check is so fun with the orange pillow. Yay, a pumpkin! I envy the later growing season you have. Here in SW Missouri we get a hard freeze end of October or beginning of November then that's it. we're done. Have fun this weekend working at your new place!

  2. Hello Katie....I follow you on IG. My computer has been down for quite a while, so I haven't been blogging. It took a while to find someone that could fix it due to covid. Your shed and gardens are wonderful! those morning glory's are magnificent!! I love all of your little Fall touches here and there. Debbie xo

  3. I love your shed and gardens! We're preparing for snow up here in the northwoods. Love the pops of Fall you added - that truck is adorable!

  4. It's nice to see things still growing! And I love your b/w checks with the orange pillow, and the pumpkins in the shed, too. It all looks darling!