Thursday, November 5, 2020

Nearly Natural Wreath & Garland For My New Front Porch

Hi, Friends, 
I hope you are all well. 
A covered front porch was a huge item on our wish list when shopping for our country house. When we found this house, I couldn't wait to close so that I could begin decorating it for the seasons.
We have a few repairs and some painting to do but the front door was already a good color for some fall and Christmas decor. I was so excited when Nearly Natural contacted me about reviewing their products. The timing was perfect because I needed some additional Christmas decor for our new place. 
The  22" Holly Berry Wreath and 54" Holly Berry Garland was in the budget for this post. 

Nearly Natural Wreath

Red seems to be trending this Christmas. There was a lot of it at the Christmas store this year. 

I chose the pop of red berries with traditional holly leaves and pine. 
 There are a lot of greenery options on their website but this collection spoke to me. 
Pinecones were a must because there are so many pinecones on our new property.
It only needed a red plaid bow to complete the look. 

I draped the new garland on the little ladder. It was a remnant from the attic ladder that Bill replaced recently. I painted it green before bringing it out to the new house. A crock, a watering can, and a bench draped in plaid throws round out the display. 

Let's talk about quality. 
This came well packaged. The garland and wreath came in separate boxes. It is full and lush looking. It only lost one sprig in transit. I don't know about you, but that is important to me when shopping for garlands and wreaths. I don't like putting my greenery back together before I get it to the check out registers.
There are a lot of berries. I don't think that these berries are weather proof but this should be fine since it is well covered. 

It came fluffed and ready to hang. There was no need to reshape it once it was out of the box. 

I think they look so cute with the country look we have going on. 

I'm so excited about this. Thank you Nearly Natural for allowing me to review your lovely product. 
I'm so pleased with these cute pieces. 


  1. Your green door is just perfect for Christmas! The wreath is gorgeous and I love your red/white plaid ribbon for that special accent. You're going to have so much fun decorating that great front porch!!!

  2. Your wreath looks great Katie. Love the plaid ribbon. Great to have pinecone on your property.

    The porch is going to be fun for the seasons.


  3. It looks terrific, Katie! How fortunate, that timing!