Friday, November 20, 2020

What Is Next For Our Country House

Hi, Dear Friends, 
How are you? 
We've made great progress in the last month at our little house in the woods.
You can see the reveal of the exterior paint in this post.
I thought I'd catch you up on other projects, what we are going to do this weekend, and what we hope to do in the future. 

The inside is almost painted. We ran out of paint so I couldn't finished it last week. 
I was sick of painting anyway. 

You can see the original door color in the photo above. 
The interior doors need a second coat. Some of the trim around the doors and windows need touch ups or a second coat. 

The tiny room at the front needs the walls and ceiling painted in addition to the doors and door trim. I'm using the same paint for both because the pink to white ceiling paint from Glidden is horrible. Does anybody need two cans of barely used paint? I can't find my receipt to return it. 
The ceiling fan needs to be replaced. It's too big and it's not our style. 
We're trying to talk through what to do with this room. Should it be a third guest room or a craft room/study? I'm not sure. 

The back guest room is finished except for floors, floor molding and furniture. 

The color is Fossil Gray. It is a grab and go from Colorplace which is Walmart's brand of paint. 
This room needs floors, floor molding, curtains and furniture. We don't hate the ceiling fan so we won't replace it yet.  

Our room is finished except for floors and floor molding. This is my favorite room in the house so far. 
It gets the prettiest morning light. 

It has the same ceiling fan that is in the guest room and it will stay for a while too. 
Bill still needs a dresser. Below is the top candidate if it's still there next time I'm through Quitman. 

The dresser he is currently using will be moved to a guest room. 
I need a dresser too but I haven't found the right thing yet. Mine will go in the closet. 
My bathroom needs some trim above the built in. 
In the image below, you can see the weird gap at the top. It's a dust collection area for sure. 
We have the trim, Bill just needs to take his crown molding jig out to the house. 
The light fixture is a little Art Deco in style. I might paint the brushed nickel black but I don't hate this fixture. 
I'm going to paint the vanity either dark green or black.  
Other than that, the room  just needs floors. 
Long term wish list items include a new taller vanity and to tile the shower. 

Both showers are molded plastic.
We like the faucets so that is a plus. 
Bill's bathroom is almost finished. We still need to hang the light fixture.  Eventually, I may paint the vanity unless he decides to replace it. 
They are really short. 

We disagreed about what color was on the walls before. He saw blue. I saw dark green.
Now, it's white like the rest of the house. 

The living is done except for floors, floor molding, ceiling fan, and a couch. Couch shopping has been really frustrating during this pandemic. Many couch styles are oversized which would be too big for the room. Our IKEA has almost nothing in stock. They told us at Lazy Boy that custom order recliners are taking 6 months to arrive. Bill's exact recliner is $300 more than it was two years ago. 
Above is a quick snap of the living room right before we left last weekend. I need to learn the light and the best time of day to take pictures. It's a cozy spot to sit at the end of a long day of DIYs. 
The fireplace surround is done. There was gap between the end of the molding and the hearth. 
Bill made a custom piece to fit right in. 

The dining room is done except for flooring and floor molding. I painted the inside of the French doors black. I'm not sure it's love but it took a lot of time so I'm a little peeved about it. I like it during the day. At night, it seems to such life out of the room. I'm not sure if that makes any sense but I won't do anything until the floors are in. 

The screened in porch needs some wall repair. Bill is going to try to get to that this weekend if time. 
You can see the water damage in the image below. 
Once he's done with the repairs, I'll finish painting. 

The washer and dryer came last Friday. They couldn't plug it in because the outlet is a range outlet instead of a dryer outlet. ??? (eye roll) Bill got the correct outlet and will change it out soon. 
This room needs storage solutions, a new light fixture, a way to hide the hot water heater and flooring. 

Now, let's talk about the kitchen. To recap, we took down a bank of cabinets over the peninsula. 

The green formica went up the walls as a back splash. I removed that all the way around the kitchen. 

Here is a before:

The area behind the sink needed a backsplash so I put up some faux tin that we had here at home. 
Bill cut some wood to fill the gap between the wall and the counters. It's stained and dry brushed with white. 
Painting the window surround made a big difference but it leads me to the conclusion that I want to paint the cabinets. 

Bill doesn't hate them. In fact he said, "They're not orange." I've trained him well, I see. 
No they aren't orange. They are reddish but the picture does make them look orange. 
They aren't expensive cabinets and the grain isn't that pretty. I think I'll just be happier to lighten this up even more but more painting. Argh!!! 

Eventually, we will replace the counter tops and I'd like some sort of vent hood upgrade. The tops of the cabinets need crown molding or an extension to the ceiling. We'll see. In the meantime it needs floors and a barstool. 
Which leads us to this weekend's projects. Bill will be removing all the baseboards because the flooring people are coming on Monday morning. 
We ordered it last Friday. It was delivered to the house to acclimate on Wednesday. They say it will take three days to install. We are doing a Luxury Vinyl Plank through out the whole house. I'll have more about that in another post. 
It will really make this feel more like a home than a work zone. 
If you remember our flooring situation at our city house, you'll remember we lived without floors for about five weeks last summer. It wasn't fun so I'm excited to see the floors done. 

I love how the screened in porch is coming out. 

That is about all for now. I hope you are all staying well and encouraged. 
I'm trying to stay positive. I can get discouraged if I think about the upcoming holidays. 
Favorite scriptures have helped keep my perspective more in line with God's perspective. 
"I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands." 
Psalm 63 2-4 
Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Each time I see a post I'm amazed at all the work you guys have accomplished. It's looking so good. Love the Fossil Gray and oh yes on the black French doors! I think they are gorgeous. A nice "break" for the wall. Love that you shared your Psalm verses. How wonderful that we can rest in God's Word. Have a fun weekend!

  2. I am agog. It's unbelievable, just how quickly you have done thi sand in such a short time. I do like the black doors but you're the one there at night -- you're the one who has to decide. For now, I'd say live with them and see how you feel!

  3. It's so exciting to see the transformation of your new home. You must be exhausted! I agree with you about the black French doors and the kitchen cabinets. You have a great eye and I'm sure everything will be as beautiful as your city home. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing!

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