Saturday, December 12, 2020

Garden Highlights Of 2020

Hi, Friends, Welcome!
The weather the last two days has been amazing so I've been out in the garden. On Thursday, I was in shorts and flip flops! 
Tomorrow night we expect a freeze. 
Gotta love Texas. 

Bill and I have been reflecting on my 2020 gardening season. 
I thought I'd share some highlights from the year. 

My tulips and daffodils were a solace as the news of a new virus started to emerge.  

The irises were gorgeous. This yellow and white was a curbside find the previous spring. 

The garden had become a place of refuge from all the crazy going on. 
I was determined that it would be a victory garden so I found some creative ways to expand our gardening space. 

I tore out all the Asian Jasmine (It's trying to grow back, by the way.)
and planted roses, zinnia and cosmos.

What a fun but unruly border. I had flowers for cutting almost all summer except when it hit 100 degrees. 

It was time to expand from flowers to food. 
We discovered the joys of fresh grown lettuce. 

We rediscovered the wonderful taste of cucumbers. I've always loved cucumbers but store bought just doesn't taste as good. I don't know what growers are doing to our food. 
We had a great crop of them. 

I was hooked. I spent many hours out in the garden. 

I cleaned up every area of our yard. It was time to tackle the mess behind our fence. 

We removed our debris pile. It was years and years of leaves, branches, dead shrubs and cuttings.  
We pulled massive amounts of green briar and grapevine out of the trees. We cut down 6 dead trees. 
The privet was tamed. 

Wait a minute! There is sun? 
I created every type of free border I saw on YouTube  

and I threw out some seeds. 

They grew. 

Fresh green beans are delicious. 

At the end of October, there was the most adorable little green pumpkin. This grew from a pumpkin we had thrown over the fence at the end of 2019. 

The biggest win of all has to be the poinsettia that survived 2020. It was still alive at the new year so I stuck it in the green house. Usually, poinsettias get on my nerves after Christmas but I also hate disposing  of live plants. 
It was alive in March after the last freeze date. I wasn't sure if the garden centers would be open or if Bill would be unemployed so I planted it in the yard. 
It was a tiny but it grew. The tropical look was a win in our garden. It quadrupled in size. 
It wasn't forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the new property. It was dug up and brought into the house in late September. 
I stuck it in a closet and it promptly wilted. Nope. That wasn't going to work. It needed 12 hours of darkness for the bracts to turn red. At this point, if it didn't turn red but stayed alive, I'd be happy. 
It was moved to the garden room. Our son was house sitting for us while we went out the new house for a week. I'm sure he didn't turn on the lights in the garden room except to lock up the door at night. 
What a treat to see some bracts turning red when we got home from East Texas! 
It had done what God designed it to do.  

The Christmas cactus also had blooms. 

What a joy. 

My first morning glories were a treat. They didn't bloom until August but they were gorgeous. 

Our spider lilies were prettier than they have been in year's past.  

I loved my border by the fountain. 
It a lush border with light green caladiums and white begonias and impatiens . 

Angel wing begonias were such good bloomers. 
I've tried to save them in the green house for next year. 

It's pansy time again.
I just love pansies. 

Here are some pictures of the porch as it looks for Christmas. 

That is a new poinsettia. I am planting this one too. 

The house at night. 

That is all for now. 
I will have a Christmas kitchen post up next, I think. 
Have a good weekend. 

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