Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Our Christmas Living Room 2020

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I hope you are well and encouraged during these last few days before Christmas. 

I thought I'd share the living room decorated for the season.  

This room won't have the usual stockings stuffed and our grown children in their favorite spots with mugs of coffee in hand. Things will be different this year but as I told my sister, "Different isn't bad." 

This year has been a weird break in the rhythms of life. A break in the "rat race" feel of day to day. 
I am cognizant of the fact that Bill and I are blessed. He is able to work from home. 
We rarely have to get out. 

We took the plunge and got that little place in the country that we've been thinking about for years.
 It's kept us busy and distracted but not distracted enough that we've failed to contemplate the lessons learned this year. It's been a great retreat.  

There is a hardship around us at every turn. More in the lives of others than in our own lives but this is still very hard. 

Tradition is a big deal to me. 
A break in the "rat race" also means a break in the traditions that have been with us since we were young parents. This time of year makes these changes seem more poignant. 

We miss time with our children, extended family and friends. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that we have each other but it'd be nice to have other people around. 
It felt like the flooring sales person out in Quitman was my new best friend. Haha. 

In spite of being introverts, there is still a need for fellowship. 
The Lord knows exactly what we need, however, and He is able to fill and sustain our cups as they run dry. He is able to carry our burden. I've been through seasons of healing in my life, yet it appears there is always room for more healing and growth. 
He always wants to show me that He binds the wounds of my soul. 

"Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63


He makes all things new. As we celebrate this season in a new way - a break from the traditional ways - I pray that there is joy in the newness. 

We'll see two of our children. We may share a cup of coffee and exchange gifts all the while maintaining a safe distance from each other. 
We've yet to work out the details but even that aspect will bring a new excitement to this season. 

My hope and prayer is that this will make future reunions more joyous. 

I don't think I'll ever take certain things for granted again. 

I wish you joy, comfort, peace and hope this Christmas and beyond. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. What a wonderful message about this year. We all have learned lessons from this year. Our family will be gathering but social distancing. We did it once already for a birthday. No one minds keeping their mask on.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. This is such a pretty and comfortable looking room. I had to laugh about the flooring salesperson. I find myself carrying on long conversations with anyone who will listen, haha, like the cashier at Walgreens... You guys are indeed blessed that Bill could work from home. My hubby has had to navigate an office that covid has come at from several different directions. He's concerned about bringing it home to me. Thankyou for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and scripture. It's important to know there are others that have really depended on God to get us through this year. Have a Happy and Blessed Christmas, Katie!

  3. There is a lot of wisdom in your words, Katie. I don't think any of us will ever take things for granted again but there have been many good things we have discovered in this time. Hard, yes. Different, yes. But much for which to be grateful. Wishing you both a very beautiful and happy Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas, Katie. Your home looks lovely and wish a happy celebration to you and your family. Hubby and I are celebrating with filet mignon for Christmas dinner and there are presents under our tree and under our kid's trees, delivered from Amazon. We will say our thanks you's over the phone on Christmas Day and it will have been a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year. Stay well..xxoJudy