Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January Pinterest Challenge/Sweet Valentine's Day Door Decor

Hi, Friends, 
Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge. This month we are creating a fun wreath. Instead of copying the wreath verbatim, we are putting our own spin on it. 

I love a shabby chic Valentine's Day look in my home. I'm usually over red after Christmas so it doesn't make another appearance until late spring or summer.  Soft whites with a touch of pink are the order of the day.
Let me warn you. This was fiddly. If you like fiddly crafts, this is the craft for you. If not, adapt as you see fit. Haha. 
It was fun to create, however, so keep reading if you love crafting. 
I appreciate Cindy of County Road 407. She does so much work to bring this fun monthly event. 

If you are coming over from Everyday Edits, welcome. Check out Laura's wreath. While you are there poke around her adorable blog. 

Our wreath inspiration this month comes from Sky @ Capital B. 

I took note of bright paper hearts in a variety of patterns on a wispy wire heart wreath.
The wreath rests on a white door. 

Our front door is not covered so I knew that my wreath had to be made of something other than paper or it had to hang indoors. 
My stash of scrapbook paper was ho-hum so I decided to use some of my antique Valentines. 

They ended up too fragile to use so I printed some graphics off of the Graphic's Fairy website. 
I adore vintage ephemera. Karen's blog is a great place to grab some antique graphics.  

I needed a heart wreath so I did what every midcentury homemaker would have done and made one out of a metal hanger. 
Did you know that you can break metal with your bare hands? 
Just bend it back and forth a number of times until it breaks. I've done this many times when I'm too lazy to walk out to the garage to get the tin snips. 
A heart shape was formed from the hanger. A dab of hot glue held the metal in place until a more permanent solution could be achieved. 

My husband got me some macramé twine a few years ago for Christmas. 
I wanted to make some 70's inspired macramé plant hangers. I only made one so there was plenty left over and it looked really good wrapped around the wire. This was super fiddly. 
The ball of macramé unwound with each pass over the wreath but I got it done. 
A dab of hot glue every so often helped the twine to stay in place.  

Once that feat was accomplished, it was time to decide how many graphics needed to be on the wreath. 
Filling up the whole wreath seemed too much so I placed them on the side. I don't know why but I always put my wreath decor on the left side of the wreaths that I make. It is visually pleasing to me for some reason. 

An assortment of pink ribbons brings out the pinks in the graphics. 
I embellished it with some antique keys and some lace as well.
Getting it to hang correctly was fiddly too. I worked with the ribbon hanger until it would hang straight. 

Since this can't go outside, I tried it out on a few of our cabinet doors. 

In the end, it looked the best on a white cupboard door. 

To see another cute Shabby Chic Valentine's Day decor piece, click here. 

I loved this moss heart too. 

That is all for now. I'm the end of the hop but be sure to hop back around to Cindy if you haven't visited her blog already. 
Check out the other links below. Click on the picture and it will take you to all the Valentine's Day wreath inspiration. 

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  1. This is absolutely charming! I adore the vintage Valentine graphics.

  2. I love what you created, Katie! The images that you got from The Graphic's Fairy are perfect and they look great along with your beautiful ribbon and keys.

  3. That vintage paper you printed off is beautiful! What a great idea. I love the vintage vibe it adds to your wreath!
    I'd love it if you'd share it at my link party this week, too! Sundays on Silverado!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  4. Love this Katie! shabby with antique Valentine's ephemera with ribbon and old keys is just perfectly romantic.

  5. The colors of your wreath are soo dreamy! I love the vintage images you used, and all the ribbons just set it off perfectly!

  6. I love your sweet little wreath and the vintage Valentines are perfect! The keys are a nice touch too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I adore your version of the wreath Katie. You make the "fiddly" look easy and worth it. I had no idea until you mentioned it that the cards were printed out! I thought they were vintage and so cute! I'll have to check out that blog. Glad you could join in again. Pinned

  8. I love how you used a shabby chic style for your wreath. Thanks for the tips on finding those sweet vintage graphics too! They're wonderful!

  9. Your wreath is so adorable - I love the soft colors and the vintage items you used. The ribbon you added is the perfect finishing touch! Well done!

  10. Using vintage look graphics is a perfect twist for this challenge, along with a twine covered wire heart! I always 'fiddle'... just ask my daughter. ;-)

  11. Great idea to grab some vintage postcards from the Graphics Fairy, Katie; she's got awesome stuff! I'm with you...red kinda needs a break till the 4th of July. I'm all about pink for awhile!

  12. Oh my goodness, Katie! I LOVE your heart wreath... It is sweet with the open heart and just a few pretty vintage cards on it. I like the hanging ribbons and keys on it, too. Really, really pretty!!! Really fun tour this month. <3

    Enjoy all your Valentine's decor and your wreath,
    Barb :)

  13. Beautiful heart wreath Katie! I love the delicate look of the ribbon and the vintage Valentine graphics, so smart to download images instead of using your little treasures. Pinning!

  14. I love the vintage look of your Valentine’s wreath, Katie. The hearts definitely fit the look you were going after and the lace and ribbon are the perfect compliment. Lovely wreath for a sweet Valentine’s season.

  15. I love vintage postcards but I don't want to damage them. I frame them. When I want to use the look for crafting though I use my printer and cardstock. Color copies of vintage tags ephemera are great to add to crafts! Love the wreath, now... just to find some wide hangers!