Friday, April 23, 2021

Keep In Touch Link Is Fixed/Mower Update

Hi, Friends, 
Here is the link to the party. I'm not sure what happened with the code but it should be there now. 
I'm not sure what was wrong. 

The mower arrived and the lawn is finally mowed. 

It took about two hours but that included a lesson and practice for me. I'm not sure how often we will have to mow since a lot of the yard will not be watered unless God decides to. It's been a nagging worry that we'd be spending a lot of our weekends taking care of the yard. I don't think that will be the case. Bill chose well by getting a mower that has some speed. It's a John Deer Zero-Turn Z300 Series. We both had fun mowing. 

We may feel differently in August. Haha.  

Everything looks so good. Bill cut down a few junk trees. He also cleaned up some little saplings and other brush that was growing around the base of the trees. 
The grass does need some repair. I'm not sure what we will do to get a little more healthy. ` 

I cannot wait until the propane company comes to move the tank. They will be here next week. I'll post pictures once that is done. I think they are going to refurbish this tank or bring us a new one. Either way, I think the top will be red instead of blue. Of course I wanted to paint it green to match our color scheme but I'm sure that is a "no no"

 The house is also getting some gutters. 

It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll clean the interior really well. Next week, I'm going to go get my youngest brother so that he can spend a few days with me. He will be our first visitor to the new house.   
It will be our first visit since lockdown last March. 
Life is getting back to normal. 
Here is the code again just in case you missed it. 

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  1. It will be SO NICE to get rid of that tank! Happy weekend!

  2. I seem to have run into several "technical issues" the past two weeks. Just when I thought everything was working smoothly! Ah well, lol. Thanks for bringing the party this week.

  3. Katie, Marty bought a zero turn last Spring and he loves it! He is still real careful with it as he almost went into our fishing pond with it when he first got it. It wasn't funny at the time but it's funny now! I would have snapped a picture of his face had I not been scared to death myself! LOL! He still won't let me get on it! Ha!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy