Thursday, April 22, 2021

Keep In Touch #196

Hi, Friends,
Bill is taking a week of vacation so we're out in East Texas getting a few things done. 

Bill decided not to move the quonset hut so we got it painted yesterday. 

The tan eyesore is tan no more!

He braved the carpenter bees and got the trim primed. 

We stopped in at the propane company. They are coming out next week to move the propane tank. 
You can see it peeking out behind the spirea. We told them where it was and they immediately said it needs to be ten feet away from the house. 
Burying it was cost prohibitive so it will be moved out of our line of sight and away from the back door.

 Next winter we'll move the spirea. 
The exterminator is coming to help with the cutter ants. 
Our mower was supposed to be delivered today but it didn't come. I'm not sure what went wrong there. 
We need to mow in a bad way. 
I've worked on some immediate abatement for the ants and have continued planning some simple landscape. 

I continue to tweak the potting shed. 

I just love it. Who would have believed that this was an old deer blind? 
Bill calls it the Daiquiri Stand. Come by for Daiquiris sometime. 
I still need to install an old door knob. 
I found one today at an antique shop but it is rusted together so I'm not sure it will work. 

The curb appeal is greatly improved since we bought it. 

Here is before of the front of the house. 

That takes care of the last of the tan except for the front porch of the cabin. 

I told Bill that he needs to wait until mama bird is finished raising her brood. 

I started a new quilt. It's been fun a fun project when I'm not painting. 

That is about it for us and that is why I'm so late with Keep In Touch. I completely forgot about it until Wednesday night. 

I love this console table by Coco at The Crowned Goat. 

I love beef stroganoff so I'm excited to try this recipe by Amy at Heritage Home Ec.  

Thanks for all your visits. I really appreciate it. 
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  1. Katie, it's looking terrific. It will be nice to have the whole week to work on things. Maybe the mower will arrive today. Loving the red and white, too!

    I didn't see a link up, even after refreshing my page. Happy week.

  2. Katie
    I love the color that you used. What an improvement We want to paint our house with all new colors but I have such a hard time choosing what colors to use. All of the work you're getting done is just amazing. Hope you will be able to enjoy some time off. I've been following you on Pinterest but haven't checked in for awhile. Maybe I will get some good ideas for my house colors.

  3. Katie, I love seeing all the improvements you and Bill have made to the country home. What fun.

  4. Ha Ha love the little daiquiri stand. It is the cutest potting shed ever. You guys have done so much to the property. It is looking so great. xoxo
    Have a great week.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! I’m linking up with my HAPPY SPRING TRUCK PRINTABLE and OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD – MY WEE ABODE. I’d like to invite you to drop by and linkup at some of my parties.