Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sweet And Funny Ringo

Hi, Friends,
I hope you are well.
We are doing okay. 

This sweet and funny cat deserves a eulogy, of sorts, because he was so unique. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their beloved pets but Ringo really was special.

I've had cats my whole life. I've had three black cats, two orange kitties, three tabbies
and one black and white cat. The black and white cat, Checkers, was a beautiful cat. Big Foot, an orange cat, had extra toes. Copper, another orange, was fun. He just vanished one day. The tabbies were not my favorite. Their personalities were not as unique and fun as our black cats.

I was too young to remember much about Cinder except that he had a heart attack and died when I was in Kindergarten. We picked up Midnight around my 13th birthday and he saw me through my awkward teenage years and into my roles as wife and mother. He was my cat and he bonded with me above other family members. He was fun and funny too. I vividly remember him standing over my fish tank looking with longing at my goldfish. I think he even yanked him out once. I found the fish in time, fortunately. He would sit in the tank with the Guinea pig but never harmed him. He also had a foray into sobriety after my brother's weed usage may have gotten him high through second hand smoke. It was the 70s. My brothers were naughty. 

Ringo was one of our best cats, however. He lived longer than the others, that is for sure. He was 16 years old. 

The other day as I was picking up a steroid for the cat, the sales associate asked me if I was a Beatles fan. What? I thought it an odd question until I realized that she was talking about the cat's name. Oh!!!! No, but my daughter was a huge Beatles fan when she brought this cat home to us.

Rebekah found Ringo in a feed store in October of her Junior year. Since it was almost Halloween, she wanted to rescue him because she was afraid some sicko would get him for a twisted Halloween ritual. We had two dogs but I think we were otherwise cat-less. 

The kids were older. The dogs required less care. We babied this kitten. 
Bill carried it around like an infant. It was fun having a kitten again and Ringo acted like a kitten for a long, long time. 

He had cat qualities but he had other traits that seemed more dog- like.
He'd follow us when we walked in the neighborhood. He'd walk three houses, stop, wait for us, cross the street and then resume walking with us as we swung back around up the street.
He'd walk three more houses and then sit and wait for us to return.

He had friends. Many times I'd open the door and he'd be just chillin on the front lawn with another cat.
I can only imagine what went on in the middle of the night since we have had possums and raccoons in the back yard at times.

He never seemed to bond with Dixie.
Dixie's exuberance isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

They tolerated each other but Dixie had trust issues. Secretly, I hope they showed a little more affection when I wasn't around. 

He always had an air of superiority around her because he could be in the front yard and she couldn't.
She had to be on a leash and he was free to roam. 

She was afraid of storms and he faced them without fear. 
He had distain for the rest of us that were worried about tornados. 

He loved the hot summer.
I had to make him come in when the temps reached 100˚. He loved taking a nap on the warm concrete.

He was my gardening companion.

He loved being in the yard with me.
He was outside trained since we've always had a dog door. He didn't know how to use a litter box which wasn't a problem until Uri hit in February.

Winter was not his favorite season. 

He liked our attention but if you pet him one time too many, he might bite your hand.

He was really good at playing "grumpy" cat.

He loved to put his head in old shoes. 

He had a bizarre relationship with dirty sponges. 

Our daughter went off to college and moved out. We all thought Ringo would be happier staying here with us instead of living in an apartment. He became our empty nest cat.
There is something special about empty nest animals. They fill part of the hole left when the kids are grown.

It became clear about a month ago that he was failing.
It's never an easy decision but our vets were great about trying a few things for Ringo but affirming that it was time to say goodbye.

They took good care of us as we took care of him for the last time.
Pet's lives are just a little too short.

Rest well my little foot warmer and gardening companion.
 We will miss you.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your sweet Ringo! It sounds like he had a wonderful life full of love and adventures.

  2. Thankyou for that precious eulogy of Ringo. I was wondering what happened. Your story sounds so familiar. I'm a cat person and have always had a kitty except for a couple of years in Texas when the girls were little. I've had at least 5 black kitties among all the others. They definitely have funny, peculiar little personalities and quirks. Loved all the pics; so sweet.

  3. Yes, pet's lives are always just a little too short. Or a lot too short. I'm so sorry, Katie. He sounds like a wonderful companion, good friend and secret keeper and I know your heart is heavy. Sending love and healing wishes -- I'm so very grateful you share these wonderful photos and stories.

  4. I love “dog” cats. Ringo sounded like fun and, obviously well tended to and love. Winnie the Pooh says “if there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever”. Gail

  5. What a sweet tribute your Ringo kitty! Our furbabies have such interesting personalities.

  6. I'm so sorry Katie. Hugs to you and Bill. It is never easy when our pets cross the rainbow bridge. It leaves an empty space even if you have another one around. I am still missing one of my "boys" that I lost right after Thanksgiving. All of them from the time we were children take a piece of our heart when they are gone.

  7. That was sweet. It made me miss all the wonderful cats I have had and are now gone. RIP Ringo.