Friday, April 9, 2021

Things Left By The Former Owner At The House In East Texas

Hi, Friends,
How is it going? I hope you are well and that it feels like spring where you live. 

I have a desire to buy an old home full of junk. I would love to sift through a bunch of old stuff to find some treasure. 
I've been watching a YouTube channel call Curiosity Incorporated.  They bought a house packed to brim back in December 2020. It is a must watch if you are similarly inclined. 
Don't watch the auction results but watch the earlier episodes first so you don't spoil it for yourself. 

I'd hoped we would find some good stuff at the house that we bought in October. We didn't find much but I thought you'd like a recap of what we (mostly Bill) found. 

He's moved this circle cutter closer to the house as "decor". This was out near the deer blinds. We assume to clear so little patches so that the owner's son could attract the deer. 
We have found several large rolls of barbed wire. I'm thinking of adding a bow to make a giant wreath. Haha. 

There was a typewriter in a closet. 

I'm using it to write the next great American novel. Nope. 

I went and drug an old bike out of the woods. 

I spray painted it my favorite Rust-Olium moss green. I've always wanted a garden bicycle. 

Bill found a bar stool in one of the deer blinds. 
He power washed it and I painted it. 

A green camp chair was left on the front porch of the main house. 
It is Bill's favorite porch chair. 

Bill found a fish scale. 

I found a duck call and a spray nozzle.

Bill found these funny turtles. 

There was a broken mirror in the bathroom in the guest house. We took the mirror out, cleaned it and I spray painted it. 
It's hanging in my little craft room. 

We found a few toys in the yard. 

The best thing that they left had to be a rocker. 

Every country house needs a rocker. Bill power washed it. I repaired a board that was coming up and it's good to go. We have great evening views. 

Kitty is hanging on. I took him in and they diagnosed him with some sort of feline hepatitis. He's been on antibiotics and a steroid but now he's not eating. He finally had something to drink tonight. I called the vet again so were trying an appetite stimulant. We'll see if that works.
 He doesn't seem to be suffering but cats are good at hiding pain. I'll keep you updated. 

That is all for now. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the stuff left behind. 
Bill is going to continue working on cabin demo this weekend. I get to plant seeds! 


  1. Lots of fun things here-- I did enjoy seeing it! And good luck with Kitty. I hope the appetite stimulant works.

  2. I've been watching Curiosity Inc for several years now. What a nice couple, nice family.

  3. That porch rocker is a keeper as are the others. Sounds like you're enjoying your new home.

  4. Hi Katie,

    Sorry about Ringo, he did really have dog traits. I hope Kitty gets better. It's upsetting when they get sick.