Thursday, May 6, 2021

New Faux Plants From Nearly Natural

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Nearly Natural Bougainvillea

We have a problem and my friends at Nearly Natural reached out to me with a solution. 
If you have been around for a while you may know that I love to garden. I love decorating our home, inside and out, with plants and flowers. 
The front porch at the new house needs some greenery so that when we drive into the driveway our hearts are filled with delight. Maybe not Bill's heart, but mine. Bill's heart is filled with delight with things like mowers, chainsaws, and chippers. 

So far, juniper branches from the woods have been decorating the porch. 
That was dandy for fall and winter but I really wanted something with a spring/summer look and feel. 
Watering during the week isn't an option since we aren't out there full time. The porch is completely covered so rain isn't an option either. Do not even get me started on the Cutter Ants. 
 Nearly Natural was kind enough to send us some faux plants. 
This is the third time we have worked together and I've been pleased each time. 
They are the top choice for designers and decorators. Experienced horticulturalists design each item and they are crafted in the U.S. They are not afraid to say the plants are fake because sometime you just need fake, as in our case. 
I chose a couple of things from Artificial Plant Collection
There were so many wonderful choices on the website and looking at their selections was so much fun. 

Wood bench, wood planter, Nearly Natural Bougainvillea

In the end, the Bougainvillea in Rustic Wood Planter was my first choice. The pop of deep pink will look good for spring but it will also look good with more saturated tones for the summer. 
The green planter is darling! 
This is so well made and it isn't something that you might find at your local hobby store. 
It is currently out of stock but check back to see if they get more in. 

Nearly Natural Bougainvillea in a wood crate

It is just my style but they have products in a wide variety of styles so you will find something equally adorable. 
This is a substantial piece. The planter with flowers stands about 18" tall. 

Wood crate,Nearly Natural Bougainvillea on a wood bench

The tiny white flowers within the bracts look very close to real. 
I haven't had much luck growing bougainvillea so going faux is a great option when you can't grow the real thing. Faux bougainvillea isn't something that I have ever seen.  

Nearly Natural has a great selection of faux flowers but they have faux plants as well. 
Ferns was an option but their hosta plants really appealed to me.
 It is a little more unexpected than some other options which sets Nearly Natural apart from other sources. 
They have plants and flowers in planters that you won't find elsewhere. 
They also have wreaths. I just ordered one for the new house. 
The bougainvillea and hostas were gifted. I fell in love with the wreath when I was shopping so I purchased it for my birthday.

Nearly Natural Faux Hosta

Faux Hosta, Nearly Natural

The variegated leaves look very realistic. 
There is even some gray shading in the middle of the leaves to resemble how hosta might appear in the landscape with moisture and sun. 
I compared this plant to something at the closest hobby store. They had nothing that looked this realistic. 

Close up of Faux Hosta, Nearly Natural

These came very well packaged with no missing leaves or branches. 
The hosta just needed some fluffing since they come flat. Six plants come in the set so there will be plenty of hosta to sprinkle around. Nearly Natural takes great care to ensure that their faux products look as close to real as they can be. They also offer free shipping and returns. 
When possible, I love real plants and flowers but there are times and places when the real thing just isn't feasible. 
Thank you, Nearly Natural for reaching out to me. It's always a pleasure. 
Here is a 15% off code for you to use at check out. 

 "KATIE15" 15% OFF
Have fun shopping! 


  1. This is fabulous, Katie. Very realistic. I may be in the market for something faux for the cottage when I get there. One day!

  2. Hi Katie, the plants look so realistic in the photos. I went ahead and ordered the hosta. I think it will be perfect on my screened porch. I wanted something big and green. Thanks for sharing..xxoJudy

  3. Katie, so glad I found your post this morning. This just might be the answer for my gazebo this spring. I just don't have the time to deal with watering and tending potted plants, but can't stand the faux plants available to me locally. Thanks so much for the info.

  4. The faux flowers look so beautiful! Where I live deer are constant visitors and eat everything plus our weather is so unpredictable, so going faux may be a good solution. I'm going to check out their selections. Thanks!