Friday, May 28, 2021

Some Recent Thrifted Finds

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well.
It's been a little while since I've showed off some thrifted finds. Some you might have seen in my last post
I love collecting for a theme. 

A few weeks ago, my brother was here and we did some junking. 
It was so good to spend time with him and do something normal. 

I found this adorable green coffee pot. This is how I styled it in my East Texas kitchen. 

That green spatterware is just too cute. It was $10.00 which I thought was a great price. 

I was surfing Facebook Marketplace and saw that a long time friend of mine was selling a quilt. 

I've been on a quilt kick. 

It is my first Facebook Marketplace find, if you can believe that. It was $22.00. It belonged to her great aunt Su. I have an Aunt Susan so I thought that was fun.  

I also found one at my thrift store. It was $24.00. 

I can't make them for that. 
A friend of mine was giving away a quilt stand. 

Its transformation has begun. The potato bin was a $10.00 antique store find. 
It's been updated. I don't know what I'll use it for but it was cute. I think it's going to be a planter for some faux florals. 
Since these are green, they are headed out to East Texas. 

I went antiquing on my birthday. 

I was so happy to find this red transferware lamp for $36.00. It's been rewired and it is good to go. 
It is perfect for my red 2021 kitchen. 

I love it when I find cute faux flowers at the thrift store. It benefits my favorite charity and provides some seasonal decorating fun at the same time. 

Michael's wreath with a $79.00 price tag. It was $15.40. 
These filler flowers were $1.50 each. 

Bill and I went to the architectural salvage place. These opera glasses were only $2.00! 
They are stunning. They clearly didn't know what they had. 
The demanded a turquoise moment in the step back cupboard. 

My thrift store has opened a sister store which has nicer antiques and collectables. 
A Windemere's Fan muffineer is from the Buckeye Glass Co. It makes me wonder if my mother's biscuit jar isn't from the same company. They have a very similar look so they are paired together.
I need to do some research on that. 

They also had these darling strawberry glass jars. I didn't realize it at the time, but they are missing the lids. I don't care because they are cute. 

I just noticed the crooked candle. Oh well. I can't do anything about that since I'm not in East Texas. 
The vintage tablecloth was just a couple of dollars. 
It's so fun. 

The best find wasn't mine. 
My daughter found this tea towel for me for my birthday at an antique mall. 

A black cat on a green towel that says Friday. We love arriving at the new house on Friday nights. 
This might be the best antique find to date. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. love the finds Katie! And I love that you went with your brother! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! laura in colorado

  2. I collect vintage quilts and it's fun to see the quilts others find. You had some good ones! Many good finds in your recent ventures. Well done!

  3. Katie, you're such a good shopper! I need to go shopping with you! Love the knobs on your cabinets and all your pretty vignettes.